Friday, December 24, 2010

Wanna Help Me Pack?

First off, let me start by wishing you all a Merry Christmas. While many of you will be spending the day relaxing at home or perhaps running from house to house for the day, we will be in the air flying to MA. We will hopefully be at my parents house around 7pm tomorrow night. I will most likely take a bloggy break while we are out of town, but you may catch me on Twitter or FB. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas (If you celebrate it) and a Happy New Year. I hope all your hopes and desires for the new year become a reality for you.

Now let's get to packing. I haven't flown on an airline that charges for baggage that is checked in yet. We typically fly Southwest, the price is good and we don't pay for checking in bags. But in order for us to get home for Christmas this year, by flying on Delta and on Christmas Day instead of Christmas Eve, we saved about $150 for each ticket. Multiply that by 5 people and $25 for a checked bag seems like a steal.

I am usually a light packer anyway and strictly carry on whenever I can. However, with it being freezing and snowy in MA, that meant boots and warm clothes that take up way more room. We are going to be gone for 8 days too. Yikes! I tend to try to stick with a color pallet when I go away just so I can mix and match and maximize my outfits. I figured I would show you the method to my madness. I will usually grab my clothes that match and lay them out as outfits on the bed. and then pack. We are mainly going to be hanging out at people's houses, with the exception of New Year's Eve. So I imagine I don't need anything super special. But I still want to look presentable. I am going to try to put everything in just a carry on. Can I do it?
Mix & Match tops and two pairs of jeans. Lot's of Blue, apparently my warm clothes is in the gray and blue family. Who knew? But I can mix and match most of these tanks/tees with the sweaters and shirts, so it makes it fairly easy.

I plan on wearing this tomorrow to fly in. The boots are easy to take on and off and allow me to add a third pair of jeans into the rotation and change the color boots if I want.

One more outfit with the brown boots. This should help me mix it up while we are home.

But since I still had some room I added a few more pieces. In the end I ended up trading out the black jeans for two more bright colored shirts to get away from all that blue/grey.

Then I added some accessories to dress up my outfits. Again after I took the pics, I added a few more pieces.

I like to roll my clothes in my suitcase. I was able to fit my Pj's and my flat iron in too. SWEET!

8 days worth of outfits in 1 little Delta approved carry on bag! WAHOO! Of course one of the bags we are checking in has my dress and heels for my daughter's New Year's Eve Birthday Bash and my OzBootz in case we have to go out in the snow.  It also has all the kids boots and a few other misc items like the bath items we can't carry on. I will bring my new bag and Nook (both Christmas presents from Juan! Thanks Hon!) with my makeup and other small items. But overall I think I did OK. 

How about you, do you travel often? Do you have any packing secrets that you can pass along? I would love to hear them! Take care my friends, see you in a week.


  1. Merry Christmas! Now tell me where you got that bag LOL

  2. I wish I had read this before I left NJ! You have awesome packing skills. :)