Thursday, January 6, 2011

Art Club Glam Nail Decals

I spotted these Art Club Glam Nail Decals at Five Below while in MA. They were fairly cheap and looked small, but I was hoping they would have a little stretch in them or something. I grabbed some for me and the girls since the designs look so fun. Unfortunately they were too small for most of my nails. I figured maybe these are meant for kids, but when I applied them to my 11 year old, they were still to small for her thumbs. You can see from the pictures below how small they were on some fingers, especially the thumbs. However with the cool designs, I won't call it a total loss. I am thinking I can have some fun using these on an accent nail or creating a funky french or some other cool design by cutting them. I saw some Sally Hanson nail polish strips that apply similarly the other day and grabbed one, so maybe I will have more success with those. I'm hoping to have some time this weekend to try them out.


  1. Man, it's a shame those don't quite work for thumbs, because those are ADORABLE!! I'm trying to think... wondering if you could cut two and piece them together on your thumbs... I'd have to have a pack to experiment with, though.

    Still, it might work, especially with the design you're wearing. Cut around the pattern on the white and then cover with a coat of Seche Vite. But that sort of defeats the purpose of the sticker, IMHO...

  2. Super cute! I still want them knowing they might be too small..LOL

  3. I agree. slice and dice them and use them for nail art or accent nails cause they're too cute to not use