Monday, January 17, 2011

Displaying My Accessories

Before today's post, I just want to thank everyone for your support! I am overwhelmed by how supportive everyone is being! I truly feel my dream becoming a reality now! Thank you! By popular request, we are working on a Pre-Sale option for those who want to order all three colors, and receive My Kind of Cool Aid now and the other two once they arrive. We are looking at all our options for this where we won't lose too much on the additional shipping expense on our end, while not charging you more shipping on your end. Which also means then creating a coupon code for all of you who have ordered MKOCA already, so that you are not paying more for shipping than those who are waiting patiently. Once we get all the details worked out, I will post the information on here for everyone!

In the meantime, in between packing and shipping orders, I have actually been able to maintain a little bit of a life this weekend. A fellow polish addict recently pointed me to the blog Chloe Conspiracy and I am LOVING it! Well on one of the posts, she featured these ceramic hands from Urban Outfitters that hold your accessories.

I keep all my accessories in my closet. It looked good - nothing special, but they were displayed nicely in there so it was easy to pick out which accessories to wear every day. On the down side, my closet needed more space for my clothes and shoes and so I needed to figure out another option.

Well I have this weird cabinet with a counter in between my shower and closet. It is the strangest place to put a cabinet in a bathroom. I have no clue why they would put this there instead of putting a linen closet. I have hated this space in my bathroom since we moved into this house. I placed a bowl of rocks and shells, a towel rack with a towel and my electric toothbrush on this counter. SOOO ugly. A few weeks ago I decided to display some of my makeup on it. I decorated with stuff around the house, and it looked good, but then I saw the ceramic hands. It became clear in that instant that I should use this space for my accessories! So while in Orlando this weekend I stopped in Urban Outfitters to see if I could find the hands. I tried to order them online, but they are sold out. They had three left in the store. The polish collector in me wanted to grab all three. But I was good and only grabbed one.

ANYWAY - I spent some time moving most of my accessories out of my closet and out to the counter in my bathroom. I haven't finished yet, I need to buy some more hooks to hang the necklaces on and maybe even a second earring holder, but seriously - you just want to see what it looks like right? OK OK here it is...
Here is the after picture. I should have taken a before picture. These pictures all came out a little yellow - must be the lighting in there!

Here I am picking out some accessories

A close up. Isn't that bunny ring holder adorable? I repurposed the towel rack into a necklace holder! 

So what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? What would you have done with this space? 


  1. Love your idea/design!!

  2. it looks like a jewelery store!

  3. I envy that you have so MANY accessories!! What a great space for exactly what you're using it for! The only thing I'd recommend is to commit one of the drawers to protecting the accessories that oxidize from moisture easily and set up the drawer with some sort of moisture control.
    I like that you only grabbed one...three would have been too many and, after all, you have those darling bunnies!!!

  4. LOVE this! I have a ton of accessories but keep wearing the same over and over because it's such a hassle to dig out different pieces. I envy your funky nook!

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. @Jbrobs - shhh or Juan won't let me buy more! HA!

    @Elizabeth - I thought of that - but too late. Maybe the drawer idea will work.

    @Karli - I am definitely wearing them more now!