Friday, January 7, 2011

Outfit of the Day and some Evil Shades

I was so tired today. I just wanted to sleep all day. It was such a struggle making it through the day at work today. I just couldn't get energized no matter how hard I tried. My friend sent me a text to get together for wine, and I was just to tired to contemplate doing anything other than coming home to lay on the couch. But not 5 minutes after walking in the door, Juan tells me we are meeting some friends for some Redberry Yogurt. It didn't seem too bad, some yogurt and home and then I can lay down. But I looked as tired as I felt and needed to get myself together - fast! I was already dressed for work, so there was no need to change, but even though I had makeup on I still looked tired. So I wiped my face clean with some cold water and cleaned out my contacts to try and make myself feel less tired. I threw my hair in a ponytail because ironically a ponytail makes me look less tired. and decided to play with an EvilShades shadow that I have been drooling after since I saw the sample included in my last purchase. I have never worn a red shadow before so I was a little scared, but it was so pretty, I just had to try it. I put it on and it was so dark, that I smudged it until it was half strength. I need to figure out how to play with shadow to make this work - but even just smudged on - it was still amazing. I felt awake and pretty and just a little WOW!

This is Evil Shades Cranberry Champagne. It is a straight up cranberry color with gold shimmer throughout. 

Here is a close up of me wearing it on my eyes. I am wearing Evil Shades Deadly lip gloss here too. I just dab a little on and spread, but for a fun look you can really layer it for a deadly dark chocolate red color. The gloss smells amazing too.

Some eye close ups

The outfit of the day. Nothing special, it's what I wore to work. I am wearing an H&M Sweatshirt over a black ribbed tank. Some skinny jeans and boots. And a necklace just so it doesn't look so casual.

A close up of the necklace. I got this at Charming Charlie on clearance for $2 months ago and I wear it all the time. Kat kept telling me to "Smize" ala Tyra Banks. You know Smile with your eyes. Guess I have some more work to do on that one! HA!

I just had to include this shot, here I am with a glass of wine in my new pimpin' wine glass that my mother in law got me for Christmas. How cool is that?!

Now it's off to a lush bubble bath with my pimp glass and a magazine. Night ya'll!


  1. you look adorable in that close up! i am so impressed with you wearing red eyeshadow! it looks awesome on you too!

  2. Aw thanks! Juan said he had to get used to it - but that it looked great. It is so different than anything I would normally do. But man - I need to break out of my shell and start playing with more colors.

  3. It doesn't show up that you were tired at all. :)I look like a Zombi when I'm tired. xD And keep smizing, Tyra would be so proud. :P

  4. Girl, you're looking gorgeous! I love that shade on you! I have a couple of samples from my Evil Shades purchase I haven't tried. They are blues. I may have to give them a shot.... and then go back and get that cranberry because it's amazing!

    Wish I could rock the high pony tail like you. :)

  5. loveeeeeeeee that wine glass! man now I'm craving a glass myself. You look so cute even when you claim you look tired. And you have killer legs! I can't wear skinny jeans. I have short lil Irish girl stubby chunky legs. *sigh*

  6. Hey, just wanted to let you know I awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award. Keep up the good work! *hugs*

  7. Ivana - I had to wash my face with cold water and put some de-puffing eye gel under my eyes and LOT's of makeup to keep from looking tired! And the pony tail helps with me for some reason.

    Styrch - I can totally see you in blue eyeshadow! You need to try it and post it! I can't believe how long it lasted. That last picture was taken several hours after application and it was still going strong!

    Scandalous - You definitely need a glass! It is too cool! I tend to wear heels with my skinnies so that my legs look better. But the first time I tried them on, I thought OH HELL NO! But they grew on me and now that I love them fashion is going back to loose jeans! Figures!