Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Outfit of the Day I Forgot I Had

I took some outfit of the day pictures today and wasn't happy with how they came out. The wind was whipping all over the place - the outfit wasn't translating right into the pictures, so in the end they just weren't blog worthy. Well some are actually funny and since apparently you guys like those I will probably post them later when I am not being lazy. But I will start posting the outtakes of my outfit of the day posts when there are any.

In the meantime I figured I would show you an old outfit of the day that I just never posted for some reason.
I'm wearing a corduroy jacket I got at H&M a few years back for like $20, a shirt I picked up for about $15 at Marshall's, Levi's Skinny jeans that I got at Dillard's for $35 last year and a pair of boots I picked up at Charlotte Russe for I think $20 on sale.  I like the pictures where I'm not looking at the camera the best.

I love how the boots look like the material is folded down. These are my cheapest boots, but the ones I wore the most this year and thus my favorites right now. Go figure!

I took this picture looking down. I love how the shirt looks flowy and the angle makes me look like I am almost floating. Maybe this should become a standard outfit of the day pose.

Amazingly I was having a good photo day that day. All my pictures came out good. Well I just had to do something to take care of that! We went to brunch and I was taking pictures of the girls, and had Kat take a picture of Juan and me. I played nice for the first one, but then I just needed to get one with me making a face. This is currently my personal Facebook profile picture. Every time I think of changing it, I just can't. It is one of my favorite pictures, I love it so much! I think I might blow it up and hang it in the house! The picture just screams love to me! Maybe because it reminds me that as silly as I am, that man still loves me! 


  1. I love the outfit. I love the last pic more. :D You two are soo cute! You should blow it up. haha

  2. Love the outfit, and love the last picture! :P

  3. You are so effing cute. I would totally hand the funnyface picture in the house if it was me lol. But I'm weird