Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Fail That Isn't

A lot of what I have to do for color creation is try to create the color I want and then send it to the lab for them to re-create it. It can take me several attempts over several evenings before I get one color exactly how I envisioned it. Once it is right, I send it to the lab with a description of the color and description of the finish I am looking for. I then get a sample back and will have to go back and forth with them and have them adjust the sample until the color and formula are perfect. Some colors take 7+ iterations before they get the color and formula exactly how I want it. It is a LONG and time consuming process. I started all this in July and will most likely see three colors in February. It's crazy!

Anyway I am already working on finalizing my Spring colors and will be sending in my Summer colors soon. While we were on vacation I received a first take on one of the Spring colors. When I opened the package, my first reaction was "um who's is this?" See, I sent in a nudish color with shimmer. What I received is a taupe/brown creme. WTF! But even though this was a fail and it was going to need to go again, I ended up falling in love with this color. I mean I am really LOVING this color. I also have a red from them that wasn't right, but is AMAZING. As a result I am looking at adding the colors into the collection. That means we may end up with 4 or 5 colors for the release instead of 3. I'll keep you guys up to date.

Now on to the taupe/brown. This color is so pretty to me. I don't know how they came up with it based on the color I sent them. It is like 2 shades darker and missing the shimmer. They use color matching software to get it right - but I mean they could have at least double checked it with their eyes before sending it. But then again, I wouldn't have gotten it if they did. I have nothing like it, but admittedly I have bought barely any nail polish since July. So what do you think, should this get into the collection? I love how it takes on a different hue based on the lighting.

The image above is the closest to what it looks like in person.


  1. awesome! fate was there to help you out with this one!

  2. I think that looks really pretty on you! What are you going to call it?

  3. This looks very pretty on you. I can't pull those colors off but man I wish I could. I wanna see that red!

  4. This is a really common color these days, so my opinion is NOT to add this, even though it is very pretty.

  5. I want to buy it so badly! I was thinking about waiting for the other, but I may just cave in.


    I can't wait for moving water!!! I'm definitely buying that one when it comes out. XD