Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zinc Spa & Nail Bar = TERRIBLE!!!

First I want to start by saying that I hate posting something rudely negative about a company. Now that doesn't mean I won't give an honest opinion. If I think a product is inferior or could be better I think there are nice ways of saying it. Not everyone likes everything, that is OK, but there is no need to get nasty. With that being said, my experience at the Zinc Spa & Nail Bar in Wrentham, MA while we were home was so bad, that I can't shake it. Whenever I think of it, I get angry all over again. And while most of you will never go to this place, I just need to get it off my chest. I will say this though, every one's experience is different. The reviews I found on this place were glowing, so it just may have been me... or the day... or perhaps it was the owner having a bad day. Let me explain and then you can tell me how you feel.

Before Kat's Quinceanera I wanted to get her nails done. I wanted her to get the salon experience. I have taken her to salon's before for manicure's and pedicures, but because she is a nail biter, I wanted to get her a set of gel nail extensions. I mean I can't have my own kid out there with terribly bitten nails now can I?

Just for further reference, when I used to wear artificial nails, I ended up doing them myself. I found that salons did not focus on education or perfection, and it would just damage my nails and I would have to go home and fix them. I became quite good at it too. I was constantly getting asked to do people's nails. I wanted to go to school for it. I did my own nails for over 15 years. Acrylics, gels - you name it. I would even do Kat's nails for her every so often. But it has been a few years now that I switched to natural nails in my life and so I haven't done acrylics or gels on anyone else either. I still look at what the latest and greatest is, what is going on, what the trends are. I just love learning. So needless to say it took two and a half hours of calling salons and talking to people before settling on Zinc Spa & Nail Bar. I was very clear with what we wanted. I wanted a full set of gel tips for one nail biting teenager and 2 natural manicures for my mother in law and myself. I also wanted natural manicures for both B & Coco. Zinc's website boasts 9 nail stations, so I figured, they could accommodate us. I was told there would not be enough people in the salon for the two kids manicures. OK, fine, I can do their nails. no problem.

Admittedly, I was nervous about getting my own nails done. I don't like other people messing with my hands, but I promised myself I would relax. Before going in though I shaped my nails back to a square, so no one had the need to mess with my nail length or shape. Give me everything but the nail shaping please. Seems easy enough right? Well in case you forgot, here were my nails before going on vacation:

So we sit down and one lady is going to be manicuring my mother in law and me simultaneously. Seriously? What the heck? But I am trying to stay calm and go with the flow, so I say nothing. My mother in law, oh so proud of me begins to tell the technician that I have a nail blog and am starting my own polish line. The tech is now a nervous wreck doing my hands. Oops, I am staying calm, going to my happy place. But wait why hasn't anyone started on Kat's nails? Oh the owner is going to do Kat's nails, cool, but where is she? She finally comes out and no sooner does she sit, I wish she never showed up. She was a loud mouth know it all. She is trying to tell me how anyone can start a polish line, even her. Of course she can, it is a free country - but no - she means as in it is a piece of cake. Um really? So why have I been busting my ass for the last year? Oh wait I am staying calm, so I didn't really say that. I just nodded along. She begins to explain to me the whole private label process (incorrectly might I add) and I tell her, I was actually offered private label when I started looking and that isn't exactly how it works, but that it didn't really matter as I was creating my line, my formula, my colors, no private label here. And she asked what would make it special, I begin to tell her my philosophy and she just grunts like yeah right. Oh where did my happy place go? I need to get back there and stay calm. 

I go back to my manicure and she starts doing Kat's nails. Then she tells me she doesn't do gel nails (only after starting the service on Kat). Um really? Then why is it on your pricing menu? Why did you talk to me about it over the phone? Why are you starting on her nails? She backpedals and tells me that she can do them, and does do them, just doesn't like to. She just wants to do a gel polish on her nails. I explain that it not an option, that we came here so she could get gel tips. She tells me again she doesn't like doing them. OK, so then why not schedule the service with someone who likes doing them or why not tell me that over the phone when I had called? She says they will just pop off if she does them. At this point I am thinking: Um no they won't, not if you do them right. But instead I say: "If you are not comfortable doing them, then let's stop all the services and we can all go elsewhere". OK realistically that was a bit nasty since both my mother in law and I were smack in the middle of our service already. She concedes and says she can do them.

From there she starts doing Kat's nails all the while interrupting the conversation I am trying to have with my tech in an effort to ignore her(the owner). My tech asks me if she can even my nails a little. I say I don't want to lose length, but she can even them a little. At this point I hear the owner telling Kat again not to come blame her if they pop off within an hour, because that is what happens with gel nails. UM WHAT? NO IT ISN'T - WELL UNLESS THEY ARE APPLIED WRONG! I am paying $75 for that set of nails! I don't think so! Oops - did I just say THAT out loud? YUP! I did!  We go back and forth and I tell her again, if she is not comfortable, to please just stop. We continue to go back and forth until I insist she stop Kat's service. I was thoroughly embarrassed, but I am not paying $75 for incompetence. My tech is like a deer in headlights filing away watching the action. Admittedly, I would have been to. When I look back - NUBBINS! My nails are gone!!! GONE! UNEVEN and GONE!!! WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED? Distraction happened. Our tech was great, but I provided one hell of a distraction, and she got sucked in and just kept watching and filing. I left Zinc Spa & Nail Bar so dejected, sad about my nails and pissed about Kat's! 

Kat ended up getting her nails done at the mall at the last minute. Not my first choice. I was worried it would be a chop shop that would damage her nails with a tech that could care less. Fortunately when I told this tech to not file her natural nails with the drill and to just lightly buff them, she listened. When I asked if she could shorten and thin them, she did. Thank goodness someone listens! Why didn't I just bring her there in the first place?

Needless to say, my manicure was not fun nor did it turn out good and just a day later, I was left having to redo my nails. Here is what my nails looked like just ONE DAY after my manicure:  

chipped, uneven nubbins. YAY! (Can you tell I'm being facetious?)

And here are Kat's nails after all the drama and a full set of acrylics applied at the mall:
The shadows in the picture make the shape look funny - but she has perfect little Chiclets. he! he! I do want to replicate the design though.

So tell me, did I over react? How would you have handled the situation? Have you had a bad salon experience? I would love to hear what you think!


  1. What a terrible business owner! How dare she behave that way! I'm convinced that even me as a kitchen beautician knows way better than half of these people who own or work in these places

  2. u did not overreact thats for sure! that nail bar owner is not professional at all in her service attitude! :/ gosh, but u did the right thing :)
    love the Chiclets!!

  3. Oh my gosh. That woman sounds terrible and apparently knows nothing about gels. I've never had issues with gel nails just popping off. Well, the first time I tried doing gel nails one came off the next day but that was it. And I only started learning about artificial nails a couple months ago.

    She might have been having a bad day, but she shouldn't be trying to charge people that much money for services she isn't capable of providing. Wow. I'm just kind of shocked. I can't think of any more words really. Sorry you had to deal with that!

  4. No you didn't overreact at all. That way that business owner behaved was insane and inexcusable. I don't even know why she'd want to embarrass herself by stating that the gel nails would pop right off in an hour? How embarrassing and sad on her part. I would of done the same as you. I hope you leave a review on this business. It's a shame the bad service came from the owner themselves. :-/

  5. I'd be FURIOUS!! You have *every* right to be upset...especially if you were going to pay that much for Kat's nails! Wow. Your poor tech - I bet she didn't know what to do! Sucks you got bad service, but at least her nails ended up looking not so bad.

  6. You didn't overreact at all, I would have been furious!

  7. I don't think you over reacted at all, the service in that place was disgusting, It actually made me nervous reading your post today because I hate when people think they know it all. I can't believe she actually told you she didn't like doing it, and she's the OWNER! How does that work out?

    It sucks that you had to experience that, I don't trust anyone with my nails personally lol, only pedis for me.

  8. I really wish I could bitch-slap that woman for you!

  9. I can't see any overreaction at all, more like underreaction! Someday I hope to get a professional pedi, and if I saw something like that, I'd certainly be walking out quickly. There's no way I'm letting anybody I don't know extremely well touch my nails!

  10. You did not over-react at all. I think a call to the better business bureau actually is called for. That woman sounds like a nightmare. And, having worked behind the chair forever, as a licensed cosmetologist, I can tell you that in EVERY salon I ever worked in our manicurists NEVER double booked a manicure! Working on two people at once? That is extremely unprofessional. I'd be throwing a much bigger fit than you did.