Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cult Nails Presents Quench

It has been somewhat of a crazy week. Juan goes and picks up Living Water and Quench in Orlando tomorrow and we are in business! We can now say all 4 colors are ready, here and available. So this is now the official launch of Cult Nails! I am so excited to finally see this day! You have no idea! From this point forward I'll only be releasing collections as the entire collection becomes available. I think the excitement of it all just made me rush the release a bit. But now here we are. This day felt like it would never come! We have most all the shipping labels printed and envelopes ready. I will be completing the remaining few while Juan is picking up the polishes. We anticipate all state side orders to ship out Saturday morning. International orders will be shipped during my lunch break on Monday. Those have to be done at the post office and we have plans Saturday and won't be able to get to the Post Office during business hours to get them out, so unfortunately those have to wait til Monday. :(

Anyway, finally I have Quench up on the website. It is just a placeholder pick for now, since I had to send my sample pre-ship bottle out to a magazine for a listing on their website. (I was so excited that my polish was going to be on a magazine website - unfortunately, someone stole the box of polishes and the deadline was missed, so now we have to wait for another opportunity. I can't begin to tell you how depressing that feels!) So since some jackass stole my pre-ship bottle I couldn't take pictures of the bottle for the website. Boo! But hopefully we'll be able to rectify that on Sunday.

In the meantime, here is your first chance to view Quench. I know, some of you may be thinking that this is just another red. But I am a red fanatic. You have no idea how deep my love for the perfect red polish goes. I have so many reds and this one tops them all, well at least in my opinion! :) I can't wait to see what you all think!


  1. Stunning is right!! Love this color. Can NOT wait to see this one in person. I am anxiously awaiting my order. Congrats! You can tell you worked hard on your line/collection.

  2. *goes goggle-eyed* Is that a pink-based red? It doesn't look yellow-based, and I'm not seeing blue-based... My gods, it's beautiful. I can hardly wait!

  3. I wasn't a fan of red at the beginning of my love for nail polish. But, I finally jumped in on the band wagon. Quench is stunning and from the video one coat seems to be opaque. I love it since it's super shiny without top coat. But, the best part is it's a JELLY!! Yay!! :) Thanks Marie *-*

  4. I am sorry to hear about your polishes getting stolen, how rude!!! I think Quench looks like the perfect red!

  5. Oh, I can't wait to try the rest of your line! I have My Kind or Cool Aid on right now, It is a great polish with great name :-)

    I reviewed it on my blog here:

    I really hope everything works out well as I look forward to stunning collections in the future.