Friday, February 25, 2011

I Need Your Help Ladies

As I try to figure out how to grow Cult Nails, I am finding it is a lot of work trying to do on your own. We don't have a Marketing budget right now as all the funds were spent on creating the colors we have done so far and the ones in the upcoming collection. Right now all sales made is going back in to the pot to make more polishes. We plan on creating a marketing budget towards the end of this year, so that we can hire a real PR company. So it is really all just word of mouth on the Internet spreading the Cult Nails love and hopefully that takes us through the first year! So far every one's support has been nothing short of amazing! I am so glad everyone is loving the colors and the formula! I am looking forward to making more of the colors you guys want in the future! I am working with a few bloggers to make their dream colors a reality, and that is so exciting for me! We are still working on the red holo - but I just don't want to get into the issues we are having with getting the materials needed to make this one happen! UGH!

ANYWAY -  here is where I need help if you will call it that. We have spent a lot of time creating press kits. The kits include the 4 polishes and a CD-Rom with product information, pictures and company information. My goal is to get these press kits to Beauty Editors, Stylists, Manicurists and now onto the "big dog" blogs. Of course, I can't afford to send the product to everyone and the list will have to be small initially, but I want to try to get some PR started. With that said I have ZERO PR experience, so I am not even sure that this will work, but I figure I have to try!

So here is my question to you all. Does anyone have PR experience and if so can you just tell me if I am on the right track? Does anyone know of any Beauty Editors, Stylists or Manicurists that I should get this product in the hands of? As for bloggers, I am keeping a list of bloggers interested, I am trying to expand out of just nail blogs(although that will continue to be my main focus) and hit some beauty and fashion bloggers, but I haven't had much luck in getting them to respond to me(even when I am offering free product - go figure!. Although two of my ALL TIME favorite bloggers (1 nail that is breaking out and doing more beauty & 1 overall beauty) responded, and I sent them out products and now I wait holding my breathe for their reviews. (It could take about 2 months before we see them, these girls are seriously awesome at their reviews and there for are busy!) But as soon as they post, I will definitely let you all know!

Also if you have posted a review on your blog, please share the link here or on my Twitter page or on my Face Book page. Whether it is good or bad, I would love to see it! We send the links home to our parents each week too! Yeah I am corny like that! :)

LASTLY - Polish sales. My goal is to do random sales here and there on Twitter. But want your input. I can't afford to do as many sales as I would like right now since we are just starting up and I certainly can't afford anything crazy like 1/2 off polishes just yet, but I would like to do little things like free shipping or something here and there. So tell me what kind of sales do you want to see? I was debating on putting some sales here on the blog, but I like the idea of a quick sale on Twitter. But what do you think? Should they be here on the blog? On Face Book? I am open to all suggestions. Just let me know!

The links for my Twitter & Face Book pages can be found on the upper right hand corner of my blog! Come check me out there if you haven't already!


  1. Kimmie Kyees does Rihanna's nails. Look her up on twitter and figure out how to get your polish in her hands!

  2. Hey gorgeous! You know I'll help you as much as I can, but I'm small peanuts compared to Vampy Varnish, All Lacquered Up, Temptalia, Karla Sugar etc. That being said, I have reviewed My Kind of Cool Aid and intend to review the other three polishes I have as well. A professionally laid out site can do a lot for sales.

    (I rarely work on my own site because I do it so much for work, HA!)

    As for where to post and what to do, check out Renee Rouleau's site. She's skincare but I LOVE what she does. Her blog is incorporated with her store. There are a lot cross links. The blog is filled with practical advice that also ties back to her store. It works really well.

    Now... I'll also let you on a little secret. I also do usability and website design (not necessarily building or visual design) for a living. So if you want advice from that aspect I am more than happy to help you for free.

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  4. I know of a freelance PR rep but I don't know her prices. She's on Twitter at @omgbren

    Also, you can contact some major magazines just by emailing the editors - normally found on their websites.

    Good luck!

  5. Here is the website for my friends pr and marketing company.

    I will follow up with Karla and my make up artist friend next week, down with the flu this week. Also try contacting Fashion is Spinich, she posted on your FB page about MKOCA after I met her at FABB.

    You know I'll do anything ot help out!

  6. uhm, maybe you could quietly send it to certain folks on the NB. some of them are more powerful than bloggers to those girls!

  7. I agree! I also like the free shipping idea. :) Also, if you have a Twitter quick sale, please cross post it to Facebook because I'm hopeless with Twitter & will miss it, I'm sure. LOL! ;)
    How much do ads run in the back of magazines like O, Cosmo, Allure, Seventeen, etc? Even if it was a little tiny one in something like O, wow! That would be a lot of new exposure. Martha Stewart Living would be the ultimate foot in the door, but I don't know if they have cosmetic ads or not. Just an idea. I'm rooting for you! I'm full of admiration for you & this endeavor!

  8. an etsy shop posted on facebook that each referral (that bought) would get them 10% off of one item.. so (for instance) if I sent 5 people to you and they mentioned that Brooke over at BlushingNoir sent me over I would get a code for 50% off one product, but then you got 5 sales off of it, so technically it wouldn't hurt your budget so much. It seemed to work very well for her!

  9. I always like free shipping! :) I also like BlushingNoir's ideas of doing referrals.

  10. I did a minor review of MKOC over here: and will hopefully be posting more about the other three soon. My blog is tiny and uh, not as impressive as the bigger ones. Hee.

    For loyalty, points are one way that can be good (might be hard to keep track of). Obviously free shipping rocks, but don't put yourself in a position of spending so much on shipping that you can't afford other things. Hehe. Twitter/FaceBook sales are always nice. I think my favorite is just what you did for the recent release - if you buy X many, you get one free.

    I'm kinda sick, so I can't think of more right this instant, but I'll probably be back with more ideas if I manage to keep breathing. LOL

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