Friday, February 18, 2011

Join Me on March 10th & Rock the Red Pump!

I'm joining the Rock the Red Pump Project on March 10th and I urge you to join me! March 10th is recognized as National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. It is a nationwide initiative to raise awareness about the increasing impact of AIDS/HIV on women and girls. Women represent 27% of all new aids diagnoses. 

The Red Pump Project is asking for 500 bloggers to join the 3rd annual campaign. They are trying to get 500 bloggers in less than 50 days to join up and Rock the Red Pump! I'll be Rocking these red pumps on March 10th:

I'll also be rocking Quench on my nails too! Let's all wear our red pumps or at the very least if you don't have red pumps, wear your favorite red polish. Whether you're a blogger or not, I encourage you to join the campaign and help raise AIDS/HIV awareness for women and girls.


  1. Those shoes are to die for! Love!

    I'll try to join, but Sweden is not the right climate zone for pumps on march 10. I'll try to do a red mani or wear my pumps inside :-)