Thursday, February 10, 2011

Model's Own $130,000 Polish - I Wish!

I have been receiving so many great emails from people with the start of Cult Nails. I also love when people email me to tell me they posted a swatch on their blog. So I have been "finding" a lot of new blogs as a result lately.

Well on the Polished Life blog they had a post on the Model's Own $130,000 polish. The cap is gold and encrusted with diamonds. A lot of you probably have seen this already since a quick google search showed this announcement popped up in the Blogesphere back in Nov, but it was the first I have seen of it. Hey i've been a little busy working on Cult Nails, cut me some slack! HA!

I won't show pics here, since I don't have any and since I figure I can just redirect you to A Polished Life's blog here:

My jaw about dropped when I saw this! Here in FL that is the same price as a small house!Too bad we can't live in a polish bottle! I would love a bottle like this even if it wasn't real diamonds. It would just look so cool.

So have you seen this one already? What do you think?


  1. I think it was some kind of Models Own hoax. But if that did exist with a fake gold cap and rhinestones, I'll love it anyway!

  2. BBB said here they were planning a cheaper version, but I haven't seen it mentioned since

  3. That is a gorgeous bottle. A cheaper version would be nice to have :)