Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Attempt at the Jason Wu Mani

I saw the CND Jason Wu mani and knew I had to try it! You can check it out on the CND Fashion Week Blog here.

It seemed like it would be simple enough. First I had to file my nails into an oval shape. Something I tried and failed at before. This time I got it right. But I tried the manicure on Valentine's Day after a few glasses of wine with my sweety. Um - don't ever attempt a manicure after a few glasses of wine! Here is what I ended up with.

I streaked my polish in applying it. Then the gold polish put gold shimmer all throughout the red - but not consistently to look good! Ugh! Darn wine! HA! I'll have to try this again soon. But my nail shape looks good right?

Oh and for those who did not make the final cut on your dream color being created, let me know. I am not reading the submissions that made it as I don't want any future collections influenced. I try to stay away from what is out there as much as possible. But on Twitter last night a few of us were talking and I am all about creating blogger colors. I have said that from the start - heck Living Water is a blogger color! I am being sent a few frankens from some people that will become part of a future collection already. So if you were "rejected" and want to join us for a reject collection, I will pick 3 - 4 for a collection and will continue to incorporate what everyone wants.

Oh and I keep getting requests to make Unicorn Pee. My take is, that it has already been made, that color belongs to someone else. But that doesn't mean I can't make it different and better! So maybe we will have some Unicorn tears in the future since so many people keep asking about that one color. I just have to find the time to franken some tears for you guys! So if you have an idea on how to make it different or better, let me know!


  1. Very pretty!!!!!! Its sexy, hot mama

  2. Very nice! I love the gold and the red!

  3. love this!! p.s. i got my 3 new cult nail polishes in the mail yesterday and i LOVE them!

  4. Would love some Unicorn Tears - perfect name too.

    Got my Cult Nails polishes on Monday, and Quench is just delicious!!! I used to just like red, but this one, I LOVE!!

  5. LOVE the mani!
    I dont think i coulda done that good sober!!

    As to Unicorn tears....Make it with cool tones of blue, purple and green instead of the warm red, and gold tones that seem to overpower Unicorn Pee, to me at least!

  6. Awesome idea to make more bloggers' colours. I'm all for that. Great talents unite, it's gonna be good

  7. I am all about what Stiletto said re:unicorn tears!

    Your nail shape looks great, and for doing a mani while buzzed on wine they look really good!

  8. Someday, I will find a way to get my dream color. Until then, I'll have to settle for the hundreds of other lovely colors out there.

    Tonight, I'm not going to redo my nails, because I put on Living Water last night, and I just can't bear to take it off. Maybe I'll stick some sheer glitter over it. Hee.