Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Trip to Universal Islands of Adventure

I am sooo not a Roller Coaster fan. They look so fun, but the reality is I panic just standing in line. I get so nervous. I'm afraid of heights, so the fear that a ride will get stuck while I am at the highest point freaks me out. I still go on them, because they are fun, but I have a hard time really enjoying them. So when B said she wanted to go to Universal for her Birthday, I was not all that excited. But it's her birthday, so we took her and her friend to Universal. I was excited that I would be able to check out the Harry Potter stuff. I have to say I have never read Harry Potter and I watched the first movie when it came out and that is it. So it isn't like I'm a fan or anything, but it just looked really cool. So I figured I would take you guys on a little photo highlight of our trip!

Don't mess with me! We bought our tickets in advance and then STILL had to wait in line to exchange them for tickets to get in the park. Seriously? So what the eff is the point of buying tickets in advance? After 40 minutes of waiting in line, we get to the front and the lady has no clue what to do with our FL resident tickets purchased on a military installation. She had to get someone, that was another 20 minute wait. Then the lead comes up and shows her how to do the transaction and sprints off. Well then one of the tickets came up invalid. After ANOTHER 30 minutes of waiting, the lead comes back and turns out the cashier tried to enter the same ticket number twice! COME ON!!! Seriously? While we were waiting Juan snapped this picture. 

Hogsmeade. This looked amazing! I felt like I was in a different world. 

Juan and me

Hogswart? I think that's the name of the school in the book. Sorry Harry Potter fans - I know I suck! But after visiting, this makes me want to read the books and watch the movies.

Waiting to get on the Harry Potter ride

I thought this was a funny picture. They actually show the baby in the belly! Too funny!

Enjoying some Butter Beer. I don't look to happy, you say? Well remember how I said my fear is that I would get stuck on a roller coaster? Well that fear became a reality! While on the Harry Potter ride, the ride stopped in mid ride! We were facing up a little, so it would have taken some work for me to really look down and see how high I was, so I tried to just stay looking up. But then the ride started again and faced us down and got stuck again! So now I was forced sitting forward looking way far down below me for like 3 minutes! Can I just say that 3 minutes felt like a lifetime? Oh and then there were these huge fake spiders all in the ride - the thing I am afraid of most after heights is spiders!!!! Why didn't anyone warn me??? SO yeah while the Butter Beer was delish, the ride left me a bit rattled!

Me being me, I had to get an outfit of the day pic in! HA! Except I probably should have taken off my sweatshirt first!!! I am wearing a ribbed tank and a scarf, jeans, OzBootz, Sweatshirt and of course some hoop earrings. Kat made fun of me for wearing earrings to an amusement park. Hey I left the bangles and necklace at home, so cut me some slack! 

Juan tries to hit on Betty Boop! This lady really stayed in character - she had the voice down perfectly!

B loves taking bad pics of me - she thinks it's funny. So here Juan and I are in mid convo and she snaps the picture.

Here is the final pic. I was exhausted, so I kept my sunglasses on. I wonder what Juan is looking at? It's definitely not the camera. 

Man I look tired here! I was ready to pass out by this point, but couldn't resist this picture opportunity!

And in case anyone is wondering, I was wearing My Kind of Cool Aid on my nails. 


  1. I'm so jealous! The Harry Potter area looks so cool! Don't worry - I was way late on reading the HP series...I didn't want to buy in to the hype, but they're really that good! I got my Cult Nails package yesterday but I wasn't at work so it's sitting there patiently waiting for me. Me, on the other hand, am not being so patient!

  2. Ok I think I've had too much caffeine this morning because that pregnancy sign made me cackle my ass off.
    GUESS WHAT?! I got paid and the time has come to but some of your amazing polishes! I just have to wait until some bill payments go through and I'm golden! *squee*

  3. @Megan, that's it then, as soon as I finish the book I am currently reading, I am moving on to Harry Potter. You have to wait a whole day? NOOO!!!

    @Skulda - Yay for paydays! Boo for bills! Oh & you should have seen the one with the guy throwing up for the "Those who suffer motion sickness shouldn't ride this ride" They actually had little chunks coming out of his mouth!

  4. Your all Photo's very nice and best details shared in the post . amazing your idea.

  5. I am sorry you got stuck! I don't love the rollercoasters where you go upsidedown in loopy-loops. I am too short and my head bounces between the restraint! Give me a water park any day!

  6. I cannot wait to go in April! You guys should come with us!!

  7. Wow! It looks beautiful! I've read the books and seen most of the movies. Looks like fun :) but I'm not a big fan of roller coasters...

  8. My brother is military. So, should we purchase the tickets on the base first? What happened? Any tips? Thanks!!