Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sometimes Jeans & a T-Shirt is All You Need

This weekend was a day to get things done. I still want to look good while I am out and about - but I definitely don't want to get all dolled up. I might just add some fun accessories to my outfit - but for the most part, I keep it simple if I don't have plans. 

The weather was nice this weekend in the low 70's, so a walk on the beach was in order before cleaning the Jeep. The t-shirt is just a plain white T that I grabbed at Dillards for maybe $10 a year or so ago and the jeans I scored on clearance at Charlotte Russe for $5! NICE! I added a funky ring and some big earrings just to spice it up a little. I love wearing a simple t-shirt & jeans. It is actually one of my favorite outfits!

Juan likes to get artful when he takes the pictures. This picture doesn't scream outfit of the day as it does posed picture. I don't think I will be listening to him for posing in the future. The problem is that I can't think of how to pose for these pictures. I look at fashion bloggers and they look so natural in front of the camera - me? I stiffen up. 

I cropped the picture above because it shows the earrings better and the tattoo I have on my bicep. This is the last tattoo I got and the one that is the most noticeable.  I think it is also the smallest one I have. I love tattoo's, I just don't have them in obvious places and I only have 4. I keep thinking I should do a post highlighting the tats, and I have even had some email requests asking for that. But half my back is pretty covered so the only way to really do it is with a backless shirt or something. Not sure I want to go there. Anyway, this one is of three hibiscus flowers and a little Coqui chillin' on a flower and a nice little blue swirl around it that reminds me of the water. So what do you think? Do you want to see the rest of the tattoos? 
I was trying to figure out how I could showcase the ring - this is the only thing I could think of! Peace yo! 

Oh wait, you want to see the funny pic of the day? Well earlier in the day we hit a local camera shop to see if they could give us some tips on getting better pictures for the site and of course we had our cameras with us. B loves that I take so many bad pictures and asked me to make a funny face. Here is the pic she took.


  1. rofl at the funny face pictures. I think your funny faces are the best! keep em coming!

  2. I love tattoos, and tattoo inspired manicures is a great idea :)

  3. Loving the tattoo! And you look gorgeous! The backdrop is beautiful. Quite often I think the sexiest outfit is the jeans and t-shirt, for both men and women. Done just right, it's totally hot! Thankfully, just right usually means "fits well" and "looks comfortable". :)

  4. @Scandalous - Glad you like my funny faces! HA! There will definitely be more, since I seem to make them all the time!

    @Jackie - Oh a tattoo inspired mani - now I need to think of one.

    @Styrch - thank you and I agree, sometimes the simple things are sexier!