Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspired Manicure

When I was a kid my mom had an oriental style tea set similar to one pictured below. But in my memory hers was red and white instead of blue. That could be just because I would have wanted it in red instead maybe? 

Either way, I recently ordered the BundleMonster stamping plates on Amazon and when I saw the one below Plate BM20 the top right design reminded me of the oriental tea set. I knew I had to use this design in a manicure.

I used Dazzle Dry Misty Moon for the base coat. It is a white with a tinge of grey and taupe undertone to it. Dazzle Dry polishes dry super fast and since I had a million and one things going on a fast drying base for this manicure was exactly what I needed! For the design I used Cult Nails Quench. 

I love the end result of this manicure! I think it came out so amazing. Although I keep getting asked if my nails are fake or told they look fake by people who know these are really my own nails. I felt like I was wearing a pre done design. But either way, I am loving it! Unfotunately it comes off after just doing my nails yesterday. It chipped already! Only one nail too, but I banged it and at least it is just a polish chip and not a nail break! (I better go knock on some wood!)

As an added bonus, my daughter B used the top middle design on same plate to do her nails. I thought I would show you her nails as well.


  1. I love that plate. Very nice!

  2. beautiful....good to know that Quench is good for stamping...since I OWN IT!!! and I LOVE IT!


  3. this is so pretty. I want your almond nails so badly. they're so freaking hawt!

  4. Love both manis - great color combos :)

  5. Ohh I love the Red on on White and this one of my fave all time stamps. I found you through Once Bitten! I'm in FLA as well :)!

  6. Ooh so pretty! And your daughter's nails look like balloons! I like very much!

  7. Both mani's are really really pretty! So cool that your daughter is following in your creative footsteps :-)


  8. these are lovely! Very inspiring. Oh, and if you get a chance enter my giveaway on my blog!