Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Coral Glitter Finally Has a Name!

Thanks to everyone for all your name suggestions! We wrote each and every one of them down and went over all the different options and combinations. We started and stopped all weekend. I figured I still had time, then the email came... We can't get production started until the color is named! WHAT? NO!!! That means we need a name NOW! So back to work we went and for realz this time. The problem - Juan is dead set against any names that use the color name in it. So Give Me a Coral Some Time or anything like it was out. With the exception of Kelliegonzo's suggestion for Coral Me When You're Sober. He chuckled every time we re-read the list and that one made it to the finals. From there anything that sounded to "nail polishy" was out. He is such a picky man - so that meant all the Tequila Sunrise, Tropical Sunsets and the like were out. Every time I liked a name - he looked it up and responded with "There's already a ton of polishes with that name" Grrrrr. So we were left with Solar Flare, which we both liked, NMNE - which would have been a play on the anemone references and something to do with volcano's. We started writing down words that went with each of these things: dormant, fiery, release, phenomenon, fire pit etc... Juan thought we should name it Eruption. Yeah right! Then we came up with Dormant Lust. Looks like a winner, then we thought more on it and felt that it just wasn't right. We also received a tweet from @BlushingNoir who kindly reminded us that this polish is not dormant, so based on her suggestions we tried to incorporate one of her descriptions of the polish: Pulsating, effervescent and vital. We just had to add Pulsating Lust to the list! Ha! Like school children we giggled at that one. But really, I can't name my polish that! So after another short break break, we went back to work and had 4 names in a hat. Yup that is how the name was chosen! We pulled a name out of the hat 5 times and the same name was picked every single time! OK seriously, is that a sign or what? So the name is Captivated. WAHOO!!! We have a winner!

Now that that is over with, I wanted to thank everyone for the help in naming the polish! It really was a great starting point for us in getting this named! I also wanted to comment on a comment that asked if the polish was chunky. Hmmm, I had to try and figure out what the commenter was saying. I think that could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So I am going to try to answer it as best as I can and I hope this is what you were asking. By chunky, I took it as is the polish thick? or is it smooth? or is the glitter bigger than most other glitter polishes? Or does the glitter lay flat? I tried to take some comp pictures to hopefully answer all these possible scenarios. So here we go...

This is a glitter polish, so it will behave just like any other glitter polish. The only difference is that instead of a clear polish suspension, it has a colored polish suspension.

I first compared it with OPI Mad as a Hatter, RBL Look Good Be Cheap and China Glaze Atlantis. Atlantis being the closest finish to Captivated. Here is a comparison with just one coat:

I only did half the nail so you could see how "thick the polish is and the type of coverage There is clearly VNL here.

Here is two coats: 
I didn't take any side shots here. I figured with the next coat you can see the side shots and have a clear idea.

 Here is three coats:

All in all I think it is closest in formula to Atlantis. It is actually less thick than the two solid glitters. Now if chunky means the size of the glitter, then I think the glitter in Captivated is a bit bigger than the glitter in these. Not by much, but slightly. So I had to keep looking and then I found the perfect match!

OPI's Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection is the perfect match! This is two coats of each polish on a fake nail under an OTT light to show the size of the glitter. Holy crap our glitters are identical (well except the color of the glitter is different)! But size, cut, etc. The formula - identical! SO since I think most of you polish lovers have this color, this is a great comparison for glitter size and formula.

If you love Last Friday Night, you will love Captivated. If you hate Last Friday Night, you will hate Captivated. I will say that while Captivated is a jelly polish suspension, it is not as sheer as Last Friday Night. Captivated offers full coverage to the naked eye in two coats and even to your camera in three (see above photos). It can be layered using one coat over another color as well. But it is not sheer like Last Friday Night, so if you like it sheer, then Captivated may not be for you either. Of course, I LOVE Captivated and that I can use it alone or over something else. I LOVE the finish, I LOVE everything about it. Which is why it made it to the collection.  I hope you all LOVE it as much as I do. Onto the pics.

I used two coats of each in the above photo. It's so amazing how similar the glitter and finish is. I am definitely impressed with myself here. HA! I want to try Captivated under the Shatter polish now!

So there you have it, more info than you can ever possibly want on a polish color! HA! Did this review help?

Now that we have a name and everything is ordered, we are told that the ship date to us should be between April 15th & April 22nd! That means that we should have the polish somewhere between April 22nd and 31st.  eek I can't wait! 

There is a potential 5th color to the line, but we had a minor formula snafu that is being fixed. If it is fixed correctly, then Always Winning will make it to the collection, if it doesn't get fixed, then we will hold that one for the next collection. I'll let you all know as soon as I know. Can't wait to hear what you guys think!


  1. aw i'm glad my name suggestion made it into the finals haha but sad it didn't win *pouts for a micro-second* but am very happy with the name you chose! captivated is a great name, it really fits!

    as for the formula, it does look DEAD ON to LFN which is really baller cuz i love glitters in that consistency--and am way happy that it's more opaque. seems like the perfection i expect from you girl (;

    you really went out of your way to show how it's not "chunky" as previously mentioned it might be, which shows your dedication to your craft and your consumers. i appreciate that so much, as i hope does the person who commented about it. you're the best maria!

  2. What a comparison/ review. Noone could do better than that. Thanks for paying so much attention to details, now everybody knows what to expect of Captivated :) I can't wait

  3. @kelliegonzoIt was so close. We almost used your name! It was too good, but it just wouldn't work it's way out of the hat!

  4. @HalifaxThank you. I was trying to think of every way it could be seen as chunky. I think to some it might be still chunky, but at least they have something to compare it to before they decide if they want to buy.

  5. @HalifaxThank you. I was trying to think of every way it could be seen as chunky. I think to some it might be still chunky, but at least they have something to compare it to before they decide if they want to buy.

  6. I'm actually glad you didn't go with Solar Flare because that's a China Glaze polish... this looks awesome and I really like it!

  7. Thank you for the detailed pics and review... it's cemented my desire to get this polish for sure!