Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wanna Take a Walk With Me & T-Dizzle?

My friend Tara and I will walk the beach whenever life allows us to. We chat along the way and we always find something to take a picture of. I mean we really take our walks seriously! Ha! So today I decided forget the beach walk - we are walking the bridge! See technically we live on a barrier island off the coast of FL. So everyday on my way home from work I have to come back over the bridge. I love seeing the island stretch out in the distance in front of me. AHHH home. But I have to go through the torture of seeing all the people dedicated to working out running, walking and biking the causeway. So instead of our normal  3- 4 mile beach walk - we did the bridge twice for a little over a 4 mile walk.

Here's the bridge:
File:Eau Gallie Causeway 1.jpg

Here's the walkway. Not to big and cars are driving right by you. But you get the water on both sides so not to shabby. 

But why do just a walk when you can run up and down the stairs on each side of the causeway? We did the stairs up and down on each side on each trip so a total of 8 times. We're good like that!

I took this picture of Tara at the bottom of the stairs. She's trying to get a picture of the dolphins playing in the water. She didn't get one, but if you really look at the picture - on the middle/left side there is the dolphin! I got Tara & the dolphin! Nice!

We're muscle women! Oh yeah! 

Hope you enjoyed going on a walk with us! Now I need to go have a bowl of Lucky Charms! Kidding! Well maybe not, that sounds good now.... Hey everything in moderation right?


  1. Hey beautiful! I love the muscle poses! Looks like you had a lot of fun. :)

  2. Good for you and exercising! I wish I could find a buddy to motivate me to get off my behind! Lol

    Btw, your blog is still showing up on my Blogger Dashboard from when I did the guest tutorial. Idk if you can reverse the author invite or something? I know you probably don't want me seeing all your posts before everyone else if I'm not a regular contributor! ;)