Monday, April 4, 2011

Cult Nails A Day at the Races Pre-Sale Event Going on Now!!!

The official press release has been sent! If you follow me on Twitter, you were the first to know! Also if you follow me on Twitter and ordered in the first 30 minutes - shipping was free for anyone who ordered all five polishes due to a website glitch! YIKES! There were some lucky girls out there! The website has been fixed, so no more free shipping! Sorry! But the first 50 who order the entire collection, will receive a free Cult Nails Glass Nail File. (a $12.00 value!)

Want a closer look at each color?
Always Winning - this is three coats with no base or top coat. This is really a sheer layering polish, but it is buildable. It is a sheer metallic olive color with gold and holo glitter. This is a take it or leave it color. If you love green polish and are the adventurous sort, this one is for you! If you have an 11 year old daughter - this one is probably for her too - mine loves it! 

Here it is over RBL No More War

Over black polish - LOVE it this way!

Over Sinful Nirvana

Captivated - This was my weekend manicure! It definitely received a lot of attention! This is three coats.

Cruisin' Nude - I came up with this color last year before taking a weekend Ladies Cruise with some friends. Everyone kept telling me I needed to make it a part of Cult Nails, so this one is for my Ladies Group! Actually the one I created had green shimmer, I didn't like how the green shimmer was not too noticeable when it came from the lab though, and when they tried it with pink, I was in LOVE! I like it better with the pink shimmer! I keep putting this one back on!

Devious Nature - This is another one I created for myself last year. I wanted a bright pink, but not a hot or neon pink. I wanted something with more berry tones in it. When I wore it, I really loved it, but I honestly thought this one would always just be something for me. I was stopped by so many people asking whose polish it was and where did I get it. Of all the colors I have made - this is the one that has gotten me stopped the most. So while it may seem like a basic pink, it truly is special and needed a place in the Cult Nails line up.

Let Me Fly - this is another one that is special to me. This started out as a franken. I posted it on my blog and Jbrobs from The Polish Insomniac blog commented that she had to have it. So I sent her some. This polish started a friendship. I wanted to re-make it for the collection, but I didn't want to make it from a franken, so we started from scratch and changed it up a little and Let Me Fly was created. Although in our house, we call it Jbrobs blue! I always think of Jbrobs when I see this polish. It's funny how I consider her a friend even though we never met. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of the collection! I know she will be honest and let us all know what she thinks of the colors. 

So what are you waiting for? Get over to and place your order now! Oh and if you haven't signed up to receive Cult Nails emails on the site, we are extending Maria's Must Haves Give Away until we reach 1,000 registered emails. Happy shopping!


  1. Wish I could afford them they are gorgeous! I really love Crusin Nude and Let Me Fly!

  2. When will the polishes be available? Adore Cruisin' Nude!!

  3. I'd love to see the original crusin nude with the green shimmer- that idea is just so unique, I'd love to see how it compares- the pink shimmer is really lovely though! Awesome polishes!

  4. On my way to buy Let Me Fly now!

  5. Love the name of the collection!

  6. I feel the same way Maria! And you know I am super excited to get to try the new improved jbrobs blue! I got my nail file today, its so nice!!!

  7. Got my order in! :) I'm most excited about the green & blue, but they all look great.

  8. I've been seeing your polishes on different blogs. I finally ordered today. I bought A Day At the Races and I think Iconic. You have some beauties in your collection. I'd love to see some greens since they're my favorites. I would love to see the green shimmer version of Crusin' Nude. I can't wait to get my polishes.