Thursday, April 21, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

I tweeted a very nondescript sentence about making a decision recently, and have actually received a few emails from some concerned followers asking if everything was OK. So I am breaking my own rule about not talking about work and I am going to fill you all in.

First I have to say I am very fortunate. There are a lot of people out there struggling to find a job right now and my decision was based on choosing between two jobs. So this is in no way meant to sound like a complaint, just a walk through making a difficult decision. Maybe it'll help one of you out in a similar situation - who knows.

I have a great job with a great company who knows I am trying to build my own brand - Cult Nails. They are very supportive of me and what I am trying to do. But another company came along and started courting me. I was not looking for another job, this job found me. But because it is always nice to be wanted, I met with the company. The offer they presented was a great opportunity for my career and an increase in pay and an opportunity for an even bigger increase in the immediate future. Starting Cult Nails has tied up a lot of our money, the kids activities cost a lot of money ($1,000 this week alone!*faints*). So I started to consider this other job. Even though I am happy where I'm at, the job and the money this other one offered... how could I not consider it. I then started comparing the obvious things like benefits. Where I am at is better, but I was thinking again financially and resume building wise, this would be the right decision.

I decided I needed to take the new job. I was sick over it. Then I started thinking of some of the not so obvious things. While the money would be great, I still make a decent living. I can still afford to follow my dream of making Cult Nails a reality. I can still let me kids participate in school activities where the parents are now shouldering the expense due to budget cuts in the schools. Maybe my kids can't participate in the multiple activities like other kids seem to do, but they can still participate. When my kids want new clothes or shoes, I can go buy it. We are doing pretty alright. We are very fortunate.

Looking into the decision even further, I work for a company where we had to take pay cuts in 2009. When we turned things around and had a good 2010, our CEO not only gave us our salaries back, but the salaries we lost in 2009! What CEO does that? NONE! Mine did - for everyone affected! When an employee is ill or needs to be out to care for family, our team bands together and our CEO & VP's are the first on the list to donate their leave to cover the employee so the employee doesn't go without their pay. When I have a kid who falls off a skate board and I need to take off to bring her to the doctor, I can go with no hesitation or worry about my job. This is what truly makes the company I work for great. I couldn't think of leaving these people or this team. The people are work with are amazing, hardworking individuals. I turned the other job down. I instantly felt better. Staying where I am at is exactly where I want to be. To know this - to REALLY KNOW that I am choosing to stay where I am because I love it here, now that is refreshing! I finally realize what Juan has been telling me for years, it's not about the money, having a job you are happy at means more. And you know what, he's right! The quality of life my company can offer me, means more than the money and title the other one could have! There's no looking back, just moving forward with this company!

So that was my big decision this week. But I had another decision I needed to make thrown in the middle of all that. My nails were getting WAY to long. I loved the pointy shape, but that shape needed that length. And they are growing so fast right now. I was having trouble typing and texting. I was poking everything in sight. I was missing the shorter nails that I could wear wilder colors with. I mean I could have worn them, but they were REALLY standing out! So I decided to chop them off! Want to see my new nails?

*Edited to add - I couldn't figure out why the pics were so blurry. I realized I had a finger print on my camera lense. I took new pics last night and figured I would add them to this post later, totally forgetting I already scheduled this post! OOPS! So you get the blurry pics for now. sorry!*

You have to ignore my dry hands! They have been pretty dry these last few days. I am drinking tons of water and applying lotion like crazy. Hopefully they come back to health soon. Plus the camera is distorting the nail shape. Ugh! They are not that misaligned in person! So anyway, back to my old length. The color is a red I created a while ago. It is a bright red with some pink and orange undertones. I took the last picture with a flash so you could see the undertones. So pretty. Maybe one day this will become part of the Cult Nails family. 

So there you have it, the two decisions I made this week. I am quite happy with both of them. Well, actually I kind of miss the talons...just a little.  


  1. Good deal. Its not always about that cash flow. We had to do this back in 2007 and it was hard but we stayed put

  2. I want that red so so bad. But, well, you already know that ;)

  3. That's understandable. I'm glad you made a decision that makes you happiest. It sometimes takes new things to pop up to make us realize how what we have is great as is. It's still challenging prospect, but it is rewarding in the end. :)

    I love the nails by the way and the color on them!

  4. I had to make a similar decision a few years back and I decided to stay with the company I was already with - I'm so glad I decided to stay because I love my job and the people I work with (the docs are great people). You've got to be happy or else it's not worth it. On another note, this color is beautiful - this is my kind of color. PS: My word verification was suckit. LMAO

  5. I'm so glad you were able to get the decision made for the best! It's always hard when those kinds of life choices come up.

    And your nails look AMAZING!

  6. Always do what makes you happy. More money isn't always better. Sounds like you work for a great company that cares about its employees. You are very fortunate.

    Your nails look great! Miss you

  7. Girl, I like what I do at my current job. I used to work on another project but they moved people around to see if it would work better. I love what I am doing now and not even a $10,000 raise can make me want to be on the previous project. That's a lot of $. But money isn't everything and I know you know that. I firmly believe it because I've lived and breathed it. :) Kudos to you!

  8. You are very lucky to have a company like that!!! And, um, canna I have that red? its HOT!