Monday, April 11, 2011

Lady Gaga Inspired Nails Contest

I'm going to the Lady Gaga concert on Friday night and needed some inspiration on some nails. I think I already know what I am going to do now - I just need to pick up a few supplies so I can do my nails Thursday night. But as I was looking online for some inspiration, I thought a contest on here would be fun too! First let's get off track for a minute while I show you my nails.

I have the Bundle Monster plate 19 which has the poker nail design. So how could I resist? I didn't want something so obvious, I thought I would go with a black polish with the design different on each nail. I wish I had RBL Iconoclast. I am loving the pictures I keep seeing of this color! Black with silver, pink and turquoise (green or blue - depending on the reviews I read) shimmer. Well I don't have it because I have just been slacking in ordering the collection. (I need to do it though!  You all know how much I love RBL!) Anyway while searching through my stash I found Sally Hansen Midnight in New York and Diamond Cosmetics Starry Night. Both I have had for at least 6 months to a year now. Both have silver, pink & turquoise shimmer! Could these be suitable substitutes? I think so! Unfortunately since it is late at night I couldn't get the pink and turquoise shimmer to shine through as intensely as it does in person. The shimmer colors are very obvious in person to me. But take a look.
Top nail: DC Starry Night. Bottom nail: SH Midnight in NY. 

L to R: Starry Night, Midnight in NY, Starry Night, Midnight in NY

This color is definitely better suited to short nails if you ask me! I used two coats for both brands. DC's barely took two coats and SH's needed the two - but the formula on both was excellent and easy to apply and after two coats they both looked the same to me. Whether they come close to Iconoclast I don't know, but I think this is good enough for me for now. Do you have Iconoclast? Are these good enough? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Next up - my designs

What do you think of my Poker Nails?

Now on to the contest again! Here is the deal - if you want to enter this contest, email me a picture of your Lady Gaga inspired nails to All entries need to be received by Sunday April 17th. I will get all entries together and post them on here on Wednesday April 20th. We will open up all the designs to a vote and the person that receives the most votes will receive the entire upcoming A Day at the Races collection! So what are you waiting for? Get those imaginations working and start painting! To make it fair - you can only enter one design. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


  1. Aaaahhhhh! I'm so incredibly excited!!! My creative juices are flowing! This is going to be so much fun!

  2. Oh my, I may just have to try this out! Those both do look somewhat similar to Iconoclast (I recently wore it - it's really nice), and I think I have the SH, so I'll have to dig it out and do a comparison if I ever get organized.

    Love your design!

  3. I actually like the SH better because it has more flecks .. really cute mani too

  4. I went to see Lady Gaga in February.. and she was absolutely AMAZING! Enjoy it!!! :)

  5. Oh My God !! its very beautiful nails Contest . really nice look of nails . amazing this post and interesting details shared . really i inspire this post.