Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lady Gaga Inspired Nails Contest Entries

I am so amazed by everyone's skills and submissions for this contest! You guys are friggin' awesome at Nail Art.

I can't possibly pick the winner - so here is the deal - you all get to vote instead! I'll post the submission's and you can tell me who you think should be the winner! The winner will receive the entire A Day at the Races collection! So let's get to it - here are the submissions (in no particular order).

Entry 1: Vanessa submitted this silver and black accented mani.

Entry 2: Kimberly who made a manicure based on Lady Gaga's love of lace and blood.

 Entry 3: Suiling from http://hihigurly.blogspot.com/ submitted a Poker Face inspired manicure

Entry 4: Kelly submitted a Bad Romance inspired manicure and included a photo of the scene of inspiraton

Entry 5: Leslie from http://polishartaddiction.blogspot.com/ Inspired by the Kermit shawl Gaga wore on a german TV interview. (Little Maria fact - I have a cousin named Kermit.Yup I really do!)

Entry 6: Orlica from http://lakieroholiczka.blogspot.com/ submitted a manicure inspired by the outfits Lady Gaga has worn

Entry 7: Lightning Girl submitted some funky lightning bolts for her Lady Gaga manicure.  Base: WnW black creme topped with WnW Prancer, then topped with 1 coat of Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers. Lightning bolts: BB Couture Blind Love and Butter London Rosie Lee


  1. Love these! They all turned out so cool!!! I guess I love contests in general. Everyone should vote for me! Lol

    Number 2 and Number 6 are my other faves! =)

  2. Leslie, and I love yours, really :D

    Why we can't vote for No.7?

  3. @Orlicaeeek! It's been corrected! SOOO sorry! If anyone wants to change their vote to number 7 just send me an email!

  4. HOLY COW what a tough decision! These are way impressive!

  5. so many awesome designs, very hard to just choose one. Good luck guys!

  6. It was fun. Thanks for the opportunity to try something creative :)