Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Venting

I don't know why I keep thinking about this, but since I am I figured I would vent a little. There is this blog I follow and I have been following it since almost it's inception. I'm not sure how I found it, but it seemed like a good blog. It had a nice mix to it and I seemed to like the blogger. But now I find this blogger just gets under my skin. I feel like when you meet someone new and they are really nice and you think you might have a lot in common with the person and you might become friends and then you get to know them and learn, they are kind of a loser. That is how I feel. This blogger seems to hide a lot of insecurities in mean comments. It is a bit infuriating at times. They are almost always baseless if you really read them. Like: "This polish looks terrible with my skin tone, I don't understand what they were thinking when they created a color that would look so horrible on everyone. This company needs to really get it together." Now this is not a direct quote - it is just an example of the type of writing on the blog. Maybe I am more sensitive now that I have my own line. But my issue is this, this blogger seems to kiss the butt of a lot of polish companies on Twitter, like sickeningly so -n just out there for all of us to see, and then the posts for those companies that she gets free polish from are glowing and the those she doesn't get free polish from are like the example above. I mean really just because something doesn't work for you, doesn't mean the polish is bad. It just means it didn't work for your skin tone. You can dislike the color, heck hate the color, but don't dog out the company because it doesn't work for you! Dog the company for formula, customer service, lack of uniqueness or something valid, not because you personally did not like the color! Now with that being said, I think it is good when a blogger writes why they don't like a color, because if my skin tone is similar, then it is a color I probably want to stay away from, but it doesn't mean the company is at issue here. Am I wrong? (By the way these are not posts about Cult Nails polish - so this is not a personal to me thing - it is another company I saw her kiss ass too on Twitter and then turn around and dog on her blog which seems it's because she did not get free product from the company. Just from my personal viewing of the situation of the ass kissing that didn't work) But she dogs out the company or the polish and then as if she feels bad, says something like, "But it is still one of my favorite brands". I'm sorry that is like talking behind your friends back all the time and then to her face telling her - you're my best friend.  Ugh! I can only imagine what this girl is like in real life! I'm glad I'm not her friend!

Anyway even though these posts have nothing to do with Cult Nails, I am noticing a trend with this blogger. I used to like her blog, now find myself wishing her blog would just go away. I thought about unfollowng her, (seems obvious, stop following the blog if you don't like it! DUH!) but then I think she would probably really dog out Cult Nails because she is upset that I stopped following her and not because there's a real issue. So I stopped reading her blog for a while and then like an idiot I got sucked in cause I wanted to see a swatch she had on there (even though I have already seen it like 15 times on other blogs!). And of course there she is dogging out the polish company again for something that is so baseless and personal and nothing to do with the actual polish! AAAHHH! Why did I get sucked in? It has been days and I am still kicking myself for reading the post! But seriously - enough venting, I need to finish organizing my closet, put my laundry away, bathe the dogs, clean up and then if I am good with my chores, I will finally get to do my nails and get everything ready for the pre-sale in hopes that this one blogger buys my polish and dogs me personally on her blog! Then I'll know I made it! HA! OK now I'm just being mean. Hope you all have a great Sunday!


  1. I know what you mean, although I do not know who you mean. There are some people on twitter I genuinely like but their tweets can be so negative. it sucks!

  2. bah bah bah!!! Why would people be like that?! If I don`t feel 100% okay with a polish or any other beauty product, I wouldnt make a blog about least that`s my personal thought and my idea about my blog. Things I like 80-100% get an entry and I love to share that with my readers.

    But it`s easy talking for me...I don`t get polishes send for free from companies haha. I did just make an apointment with a certain nail art company about showing some fab items, but if it turns out I dont like the use of em...shouldn`t I first discus this with the company?! And sort things out before making a terrible hateful post about it?! I would feel awful to give a company a bad name like she does lolol.

    I hope she doesn`t treat her family, friends and even lover like that ;)

  3. You're exactly right - she's two-faced and petty. I don't know who you're talking about and I'm kinda glad I don't. If you don't like it, it's not the polish company's fault! I don't get freebies from polish companies...but when I post a polish, it gets my opinion and if it's an issue with formula, I say it. If it's an issue that I just don't like it, I say it, but I don't blame the company for it. Thank you for saying what a lot of us are probably thinking.

  4. Well when I look at review I don't really take into account there opinion on the color unless they compare it to a similar color. For instance like comparing two similar colors. I look at the pictures. When someone says they don't like it because it doesn't look good with their skin tone, that to me is not a bad review its just a personal opinion. I would hope people out there are smart enough to realize this. The twitter thing and not getting polishes for free that's another story. If I the blog reader knew this than I wouldn't even read her blog any more. I don't personally like soliciting. It is in bad taste. Now if the company offered it to me wittout being solicited than I am okay with that. I think people on the internet can be really mean that they would not be in real life because you are basically anonymous. No real consequences.

  5. Its enough to make your head explode! I think most of us will "know what you mean". And those of us that really get it, will not do any judging for it because we understand what it feels like to be in a similar situation.

    I'm not one to offer suggestions, recommendations or advice as its not my nature (we all must follow our own path). However, I do wish you the gift of wise decision-making on whatever you choose to do.

    Happy Day! =)

  6. That's really annoying:(. Best solution for you is to stay away from that blog!
    I wanted to tell you I used Iconic a few times already, and I love it! It really is a unique shade of polish. Next time I'm going to wear it, I'll take some nice pics, hopefully in sunlight;)XO

  7. Okay, here is my take on it, for what it is worth; I would unfollow her. I mean, why read blogs that turn you inside out? I rarely unfollow someone, but if I just can't reach a meeting of the minds with a blogger after a certain amount if time, it is healthier and easier on me to just let them go and move on.

    Personally, I think that bashing polish companies that don't send you free stuff is stinky. Honest reviews about formula, dry time, colour and so forth is one thing. It is quite another to be horrid because you didn't get it for free. Receiving samples is a privilege. One that is not accorded all bloggers or by all companies. That blogger needs to reexamine her motives.

    From all of the reviews I am reading, your polish is gorgeous stuff. (I have my greedy eyeballs on a couple of them, myself, just waiting for my budget to loosen up a tad :))And you know that you have a top flight product on your hands. I wouldn't worry too much about one blogger who obviously throws around sour grapes if she doesn't get something for free. Most of the polish bloggers I read are smart enough to tell the difference between a genuine review and someone being petty and nasty because she didn't get the product for free.

  8. If something doesn't work for my skin tone, I always mention that what doesn't work for me might work for a lot of people (so use discretion). To just diss a company because of this is....uncalled for really. Not everything will work for everyone. I'd unfollow her. :D Peace of mind!

  9. I really recommend unfollowing her. I had to do tht with a couple of blogs & twitter accounts in the last 6 months or so and it has made my blogging life a lot easier. It is amazing how ones negativity can suck the fun out of blogging. Twitter and other people's blogs are not the place to publicly complain or kiss ass in my opinion. Isn't that kind of the reason we have blogs- to let others know our opinion, good or bad, right or wrong?

  10. I've been contemplating doing the same thing with one blogger. I really don't have a problem with her blog, but more with her on twitter. NOTHING she says is good or positive. She just complains about EVERYTHING and calls everyone around her an idiot or is disgusted by them in some way. For some reason she feels like everyone needs to know how annoyed she is with everyone she works with. I dunno. It bugs me. So I feel ya!

  11. Ugh. I understand how that can get on your nerves. I had a real life situation similar to that not so long ago, and it just sucks to find out things like that.

    I'm perfectly fine with mentioning issues with the polish, or the service, but even if a color is way not my style, I can separate that from the quality of the polish itself. Of course, I don't get any free polish, so I don't feel any need to kiss butt (not that I would, but I'd feel kinda bad about it? I guess it's better I don't get any free then. Haha.) Actually, I don't usually do much in the way of reviewing, I just post pictures mostly.

    I'd probably consider unfollowing regardless, because you probably don't need any other stresses.

  12. She may not mean to give the impression. Perhaps she feels awkward giving a brand a bad review that she has a good relationship with (regardless of if they give her free bees). Text on a screen is a very difficult medium in which to convey feeling, and often it can be taken in many ways.

    I only am trying to present the other side here because it seems like we're all beating up on a blog without knowing who it is. And only Maria knows who she's talking about. And if she's talking about me I'd feel horrible. As a person who takes a lot of my work personally I find it hard to give bad reviews to people (or companies) I like. So it could be a bit like that.

    Anyway, read this post last night. Thought about it a lot... It's stuff like this that makes me wish I had never gotten into blogging to begin with. You never know how you're perceived, even when you mean well.

    But it's entirely different when the person is taking getting free bees for granted. I've seen that happen A LOT. I've been thinking about writing a post on this topic. I do feel very strongly about it that....