Friday, April 22, 2011

Look What I Got!!!!

So much for the no buying gifts this year! Kat's friend's mom, Panther is a local artist. She started "dabbling" into jewelry making last year and it is taking off. Her inspiration is sunken treasures. So each piece has an inspired sunken treasure look. When I saw Panther's artwork back in November, I practically begged John to buy me a piece. I was instantly in love! You all know I love accessories as much as I love polish! But at $200 for a bracelet, it was out of the question. :( I was so bummed. Later I found out that Pirates of the Caribbean asked her to send some pieces in for review for the next movie. Dang, now I was totally jealous that Hollywood was going to take her pieces and that $200 bracelet would become a $500 bracelet and I would NEVER get one.

So when John gave me this huge  box...

the last thing I expected was a piece of jewelery, much less Panther's jewelery! But AHHH check it out! It is huge and OK some people might find it a bit gaudy - but the whole sunken treasure vibe! LOVE! 

Taken with the Instagram app

John won't tell me how much it cost, he just said: "Don't ask, it was more than the bracelet you wanted though". But he did tell me she does lay-aways now! Oh he so should not have told me that! I plan on putting a bracelet on lay-away for my birthday now! (It's in August and she does up to 90 day lay-aways. PERFECT!) 

John also told me that Panther told him she had been contacted by Gwen Stefani for a collection for LAMB and by Versace as well! WOW! Um can I have Gwen's address so I can send her some Cult Nails please? LOL! But seriously, can I? 

Anyway if you want to check out some more of Panther's stuff, here's her website:

Happy Anniversary to me! YAY! I told you all John was the best! But now all I got him was a public letter! Dang it! 


  1. OH WOW! I love this! Put it on and take a picture.

  2. wow that is SO gorgeous!!! i would also love to see it on!

  3. That's so pretty! I agree, put it on!

  4. I can't wait to see this in an OOTD!

  5. It is gorgeous! You're very lucky princess;D Happy Anniversary~!