Monday, April 18, 2011


By now you all know that I went to see Lady Gaga with some friends on Friday night. We had an awesome time. Although some things went a little hangover after the concert, but we won't be talking about that! I spent the rest of the weekend recovering and before I knew it, it was late Sunday night and a new work week was about to begin. So needless to say I didn't get some of my blog goals done this weekend. :(

I received some great entries for the Lady Gaga inspired nails contest - but since I gave everyone until Sunday to send them in, so since I am writing this on Sunday night, I will post those pictures here tomorrow! That gives any last minute entries a chance to get in too! Lucky you if your a procrastinator!

In the meantime here are some pictures from Friday night

Of course I had to show my nails first. Except it took a few tries before I was satisfied. I took some silver powder with holo glitter to make a polish. I then faded it down and in gradient style just made the silver more intense on the free edge of the nail. I then added some bling. This was so holo glitter filled - unfortunately the camera seems to dull that.

 Then I remembered the shoes I planned on wearing are gold glitter shoes. Darn it! So I did the same with gold holo glitter. I actually liked this look better. I can't begin to describe how extreme the rainbow was on these. Not in a holo polish kind of way - but with each piece being it's own holo gloriousness! I had to use acetone to remove the silver, so please excuse the really dry looking hands! yuck!

 Then I put m hands up to my shoes and realized this was way to gold for the shoes.

Since they were too gold, I layered a thin layer of silver over the gold and now I think I got them perfect! This blurry shot shoes some of the glitter goodness!

PERFECT! Oh and check out the shoes! I LOVE them!

 This is the only picture I have of my whole outfit! Boo! But it was a black romper if anyone cares. Here I am with my guys. They are all gay, sorry girls.

 Check out these Little Monsters! Wow they really got into it! (my friend Ana sucks at taking pictures - all the ones she took came out blurry! Ha!)

This is at the Sky Bar at the Amway arena in Orlando

 Here I am with my girl Ana - the bad photographer, but one of my best friends! I love her, she is one of the nicest people I know. Just look at that smile! LOVE HER!

Ali & Me mean muggin' - Ana told me to showcase my Gaga nails for the pic. HA!

 Another view of the Sky Bar. Too bad this bar is in the arena and you can only go there during an event and you have to have tickets to the event to go here. It was a pretty cool bar.

Here we are posing with another Little Monster. There were so many - I tried to get pics of them all. Unfortunately some didn't come out.

Loved these guys! They were sitting right in front of us. Loving the Madonna influence!

Of course I had to try to get a picture of Lady Gaga's nails! No our seats were not this good, I took this off the monitor there so I could try to get a good shot. But we did have pretty good seats none the less. Her nails were seriously long!

After the concert we hit this bar called Mr Sisters in Orlando. It is an old car garage converted into a bar.

I had to take this picture to show you the craziness that is this bar. There are guys and girls dancing on the bar in their underwear. I haven't been to a gay bar in many years, but this one takes the cake. I'm not a huge fan of strippers, so thankfully this was more club than dancers. Actually after the first few minutes, I didn't even notice the dancers anymore.

I have over 200 pictures from Friday night and a few videos of the concert, so it was tough to pick just a few. Hope you all liked the pics, and look for the Lady Gaga inspired contest pics to be posted tomorrow.


  1. Your nails are the Love!

  2. A great time! Next invite us!l lol well worth the hangover moment

  3. A great time! Next invite us!l lol well worth the hangover moment

  4. Hot hot hot!!! Love it!! You and Ana are the bomb!! :)

  5. @L I did love how they came out - but the length was getting to be too much to handle! Those nails are long gone now! I'll show them later this week!

  6. @EverythingsDiamond It was a great time! We met a lot of amazing people! So much fun! You are more than welcome to come next time! If you knew the Hangover situation (& I am talking more like the movie than the illness) you might disagree. HA!

  7. @Leslie Yup Ana is the bomb! I think I am just the match to set her off! HA! She is awesome!