Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I'm Obsessed With Right Now

I am obsessed with Maxi Dresses! I love them! I always thought I was too short to wear them or that they would add weight in the wrong places or make me look like I was preggers or something. But last year I saw a dress in a Boutique window and just HAD to try the dress on! It was so beautiful! I had tried other maxi dresses before and either the boob area was too small or it bunched right about the belly giving me the prego look or something equally horrible. But when I tried this one on - it was like it was made for me! The only thing is that it was a little too low cut for my personal taste. I don't like the tatas hanging out and since I was getting the dress for my brother's wedding, I didn't think it would be appropriate either. But a little fabric sewn in the right place took care of that issue! I showed the dress on here last year, but here it is again.

Gorgeous right? The down side is that the dress cost $78! Gulp! I know for some this isn't a lot of money - but for me, it most definitely is. But since it was for my brother's wedding, I bought it anyway. This dress turned out to be worth more than that $78. I wear it all the time! Most recently to a friends baby shower. But I am sooo obsessed, it is so comfortable and there is no need to think about the outfit, that I needed more. I have since added 4 more maxi dresses to my collection and I still want more. This could become a problem!

I grabbed this dress at Kohls for $32 - well that is the retail price, but I had a coupon so it came out to $25 or something like that. I am learning I can pull off the maxi dress as long as I have the right fit. For every 10 I try on, 1 seems to work for my body. I LOVE this dress! So comfy and cute! Perfect! I can lounge around all day in this one or run around and do errands or add some funky accessories for a night out! LOVE IT!

On a side not, I happen to love my hair that day too. I curled it - which I have been doing more of lately. When Juan and I met (back in the early 90's) I had the permed hair thing going on. This reminds me of those times. Although the perm I had back then was much tighter than this. But still - I love it - it looks so sexy and carefree! Yup I am one of those who wishes I had curly hair. I guess I am obsessed with curly hair too - but that's another post.

Anyway back to the dresses. I found this one at Ross for $12.99 (and 2 others). This one looks white, so it gives off a whole casual beach wedding dress vibe in the pictures, but it really is a very soft cream color and I like it so I don't care! HA! I love the details on the side. This is definitely perfect for the beach town we live in. One of the other two dresses is the same as this one but in a bright eggplant purple color with a different design on the side.

Had to throw this pic in - but I need to redo it! I look as stiff as a board here - but the concept is way cool. Maybe I'll even do my hair curly the next time! Ha!

So what do you think, are you digging the maxi dress trend as much as I am? I think I'm going to purchase a maxi skirt next...
P.S. I started the Twitter contest for the entire next collection. I have a RT on there - if you follow me on Twitter and RT the phrase I posted on there, you are automatically entered. The contest will go on until Wednesday April 20th and then I will pick a winner. I won't put more details on here since that is a Twitter only contest. I will be adding one to the blog and one to Facebook soon. So keep an eye out!


  1. Yes, Yes I love maxi dresses and I am glad they are back!! Now I have to stop buying polish and start shopping for them. Lol!! Well maybe cut back on Nail Polish shopping :)

    You look so beautiful in everyone of them. All are so lovely. :)

  2. Girl you have no idea how envious I am! I can't wear maxi dresses. I always look preggers when I try. Plus, I'm short. So none of them every fit quite right. You on the other hand are a gorgeous goddess in those dresses! :)

  3. In the 5th pic you look soooo much like Eva Longoria!LOL! I'm a big fan of maxi dresses, except for the ones with paisley print, which I find kinda ugly;)

  4. Maxi dresses are pretty much the only dresses I wear. I've always thought of them as classic, but then again I've always been inspired by Talitha Getty in Marrakech. I hope it's a trend; that means more selection!

    You look great in them too! Contrary to the commenter above, I totally dig paisley. I have five paisley maxi-skirts from the '70s that I love. The material-blend was so much different back then - they were really made to last.

  5. Did I mention how unfair it is that you're ridiculously gorgeous!?!??!?!

    I'm a shorty but I love maxi dresses too!!!