Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I've been trying to get the right yellow for months. It was a color I was going to put in the next collection and in the end, the next collection is taking a totally different turn.  But I wanted to wear yellow, so I took it out and added a bit more color to make the yellow a bit more vivid. You wouldn't know it but I also added some gold shimmer to this, but the creme just keeps eating away at the shimmer. This was fully opaque in two coats. I was quite impressed, but for some reason I added a third coat anyway. I want to try to figure out a way to make it a bit more even in the first coat too. 

Using OTT light
In natural sunlight

My intention was to use one of the Bundle Monster plates with this yellow. But I had my eyes dilated yesterday and it was starting to hurt trying to focus on my nails even though it was hours later. So I waited until tonight. I used plate BM 225 for this manicure. It is an inverted design. I used OPI On Collins Ave for the stamping. I love how this came out.

On a side note - please excuse my "70 year old looking hands". I was cleaning all night (without gloves -  I know, bad) and my hands were super dry. Juan was making fun of me saying my hands looked like a 70 year olds hands and that I needed to get some more meat on my bones to fill out my hands. It's bad enough my hands already look old, but add cleaning solutions and forget it! I plan on drenching them in some anti aging moisturizer tonight to get them back to looking good. 


  1. Oooooh yellow! I do like the way the stamping turned out, I'm going to have to pick those plates up soon.

  2. That yellow is fantastic! A 2 coater yellow is practically unheard of.

  3. I agree with Stephanie, a two-coat yellow would be delightful! I'm always happy when I can stop at three coats with colors like that.