Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cult Nails Suspending International Shipping

Sadly, we are announcing this morning that we are going to suspend International Shipping. Last night while packing orders I was telling John that the International packages take a lot of time to prepare and are costing us money. The pricing for shipping we had set was not covering the costs entirely for shipping of the products. I asked if we should suspend shipping while we looked into the best options and we did not come to an answer right away.

Not minutes after we had this discussion, I received an email from an International customer stating that she received her envelope with a note that stated her order was destroyed as it was dangerous materials. We clearly mark all orders internationally as nail polish. According to the postal regulations, as we understand them, we can ship nail polish as long as it is under 1 litre and being sold for retail purposes and the package is marked as such. John has talked to numerous people at the post office and this weekend while I was there, the postal clerk even made a joke about how John is always so nervous asking if they are sure it is OK to ship. the answer is always, if you are following the reg you are fine.

We do also post in the terms and conditions on our site, that we are not responsible for the outcome of shipping internationally and that the buyer takes all responsibility based on shipping requirements of their country. However, in the end we would still be responsible for knowing all the shipping laws of each country. This would be a tedious undertaking, but we feel that we need to look into the regulations of each country and add countries back in as we research and learn.

We are also going to look at the possibility of a distributor in outside countries who can take our product and sell it for us internationally. Again this will be a time consuming endeavor and we feel more comfortable not sending Internationally any more until we figure all this out.

We started this company as a way to change our lives in a positive manner. In hopes that I could one day work for myself. The support we have received thus far has been amazing and we hope to continue to grow as a company and be around for many years to come. But at this point it is in our best interest until we can find a better solution to suspend International shipping. If this changes, you can be assured we will post it on here!

All orders received to date have been sent with the exception of any order received on Saturday after the post office closed at noon. Those are all packaged and ready to go. We will be contacting customs this morning for all the International packages to ensure there are no issues with sending the polishes. If there are any issues, those customers whose packages we still have that are affected will be immediately notified. We can not do anything about those already shipped.

The bright side is that there are several companies such as Shipito that act as a freight forwarder for International customers. You can look into their services or other similar services if you are an International customer and just must have your cult fix! Thank you all for your understanding in this matter.


  1. I placed my order yesterday (Monday 30th). So am I right in understanding that you're going to hold onto it until you're sure it's safe to post it? Or are you just holding the orders that were placed on saturday afternoon?
    I don't mind at all, I'm just checking what the status is :)

  2. @Sammersaurus - Any order placed after about 11:45AM EST on Saturday is packaged and ready to go. All domestic packages will be at the post office and mailed first thing this morning. All international orders will wait until we get clarification and will hopefully be mailed out this afternoon. If they can not be mailed this afternoon, we will contact all affected.

  3. Hi Maria, this is indeed sad news. I am in Germany and love your polish. Cruisin' Nude is one of my favourites. Hopefully there will be a solution because I as one of your international clients don't want to miss out on Cult Nails. :-)

  4. That's really sad to hear :( I live in Austria ordered two times from you without any problems receiving it. I hope you'll find a solution *crosses fingers*

  5. That's a real shame as your colours are fabulous and I was really thinking about ordering some shades. It really sucks that shipping isn't an easier field to understand. So frustrating! Best of luck!

  6. If you forget the Post Office and ship everything UPS you will never have a problem with shipping anywhere. You have to label them as ORM products and your good to go. Get a daily pick up from UPS and you will immensely lower the price to ship and everything is insured.
    If you choose to ship through the Post Office, your going to have problems.