Friday, May 13, 2011

A Day at the Races - FINALLY!

I just wanted to give everyone an update. Juan will be picking up the collection in Orlando today and it should be in our hands and ready for packaging this evening. We have everything ready to go and will be packaging everything up tonight and dropping all U.S. pre-sales off at the post office tonight and all International packages will be brought to the Post Office first thing tomorrow morning. YAY! I am so happy to finally be able to get these out to you guys! Thank you all for your extended support and understanding due to the circumstances that were beyond our control.

As for everyone else who did not purchase during the pre-sale, there are still plenty of polishes left (if 100 - 200 of each color is plenty to you that is). So we will have those up for sale on our site some time tomorrow. YAY! Now if the samples for the NEXT collection make it to me soon, I can get things moving on that collection! Are you ready? :)


  1. YAY! I just got paid today and I think I will set a little bit of my money aside to order from you tomorrow [:

  2. woo hoo! can't FRIGGEN WAIT! hope i didn't give ya a hard time ;) i'm just so excited!!!!

  3. OMGYAY! I can't wait to order them!!!