Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Day at the Races Swatches

 I am planning on swatching these and doing videos just like I did for the initial collection. Unfortunately it most likely will not happen this week. I work a Full Time job Monday - Friday which allows me to have the money to create Cult Nails and still have a life, so I don't have weekday sunlight to really work with. At night I am mom and wife and blogger and swatcher and polish packer. Right now polish packer is at the top of that list with mom and wife. Yesterday my youngest (Coco) sang with her Chorus group at Disney so we spent the day there. When I came home, I crashed! That leaves tonight and tomorrow since Friday Coco graduates the 6th grade and then we are high tailing it out of town for a wedding. That means we will be out of town all weekend since it is a destination wedding and lots of family will be there. From there my in-laws come back here for a week with us. I will be working half the time they are here and hanging with them the other half. So basically I am giving you all a laundry list of excuses as to why I am behind on the videos. But I promise I will do them! For today here are previous swatches I posted.

First up Devious Nature. I think this picture is pretty accurate. The only difference I would say is that there is just a hint more berry undertones in real life.

Here is Captivated. The Ring finger has one coat over Devious Nature and the last one has it over black. The first two are just Captivated. In person this one is MUCH more blingy! 

This is three coats of Always Winning. In the final product I can get this look in two coats. The gold glitter is much more noticeable in person as is the holo glitter. But this accurately depicts the green.

Cruisin' Nude. I think you can see the pink shimmer more in person when you are outside. Inside the shimmer all but disappears unless you are in the right light. You know how I love polishes that do that!

Let Me Fly - I had a picture, but it is not very accurate, so I decided not to post it. The splotch picture below is pretty accurate though. For more accurate pictures on nails go to for her review. Her pictures are pretty accurate. Plus I noticed on her blog this morning she is going to be doing a small give away on her blog soon, so you just might want to follow her blog too! Love give-aways!

I found another one of Captivated all on it's own. LOVE this one!

Now for the splotch pictures:


Always Winning

Let Me Fly

Devious Nature

Cruisin' Nude

After posting those pictures, I realize I really miss my tacky long pointy nails. That is it - I am growing them back!

For those of you with blogs, feel free to send me the link to your review if you do one for any of our polishes. You can also post them on Twitter or Facebook. I would love to see them!

If you haven't ordered your Cult Nails polishes yet, do so now! You don't want to miss out and orders are coming in steadily. Plus the sooner these sell, the sooner I can order the next collection! Just sayin' :)


  1. Ordered the collection last night! Can't wait to try them...especially 'Always Winning'!!! :D

  2. I LOVE MY CULT NAILS!!! *yelling with joy*


  3. can i just tell you how much i LA LA LOVE my bottle of crusin nude?! it is going to the grave with me! i am so sad my first batch of swatch photos were ruined by some ill-planned screen window shadows :P but the next ones will be epic. cuz that polish is EPIC! thanks for creating it!

  4. OMG I cannot wait until these arrive at my doorstep! I was so so worried that they would sell out before I got paid! BUT I ordered them and they are on the way soooooon!

    You are one AMAZING lady to do all that you do and STILL come up with beautiful polishes on top of that! I think I might have a little e-crush on you!!

  5. Wow you are one busy lady!! I was feeling hyperventilation coming on just listening to that list! o_O I can't wait to get my hand on all of these!!!

  6. Thanks Maria :)
    I love Let Me Fly and can't wait to try some others soon! It is so exciting to follow you as you start your polish business. Vicarious living... LOL

  7. Oh sweet Jesus, I love them all!

  8. So pretty! I can't wait to put these beauties on my nails!

  9. wow, Cruisin' Nude is just AWESOME. So pretty!!! I need a bottle!! :)