Thursday, May 19, 2011

Every Girl Needs Her Girls

It has been a crazy week and a blogless week for me. Sorry guys, but for those of you who ordered polish, I bet you would have rathered my focus to have been in getting your polishes out to you. Not to mention as you all know it has been a personally hectic week as well. Hectic in a good way, so no complaints here. As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, my youngest performed with her chorus at Disney. I was so excited to see her perform. Friday morning she graduates 6th grade. I am one proud mama!

But this post is about my girls. I have found a great group of girls since moving to FL. I have a lot of girls I call good friends. Unfortunately due to the military, they are spaced all over this wonderful world. But here in FL, I have found my besties for life. I see myself surrounded by these women even when I am old. Every time I see them, I smile. I hope you all have a group like this that you can count on. But the best part is they love dressing up as much as I do. Unlike the Sex & City group of 4 - we have quite a few. On Thursday 7 of us gathered to celebrate one of the girls birthdays. I decided to post some of the pics. Normally I would retouch the photos to make us all look our best. OK to make me look my best, those bags under my eyes are really growing! But since I just finished doing my nails and still need to pack, I decided to forgo the touch ups. You can tell just how tired I am in these pictures. Even in my smiles it looks like I am going to break out in a yawn any second!

The girls

Me with my new bangs. Not sure I like them yet.

My girl Leslie peaking out behind me! I have Leslie into polish now too! Now that is a friend!

We actually interrupted a couple on a date to take this photo of us!

I look like a giant next to O. She is a tiny little thing! Look how hot she looks in that dress! 

I had to do an outfit of the day pic for you all - but dang don't I look like I'm about to fall out! I got this dress on clearance at Francesca's Collections for $15. Love a great deal! The "necklace" is attached to the dress. I'm wearing my Sienna bracelet from JewelMint and a belt I bought at Express. The shoes are Guess shoes that I have had resoled twice now, so definitely worth the $90 I spent on them over a year ago! I wear them almost every day for work. I dread the day I have to give them up.

One last hug before we depart for the night!

They all got together again tonight for some more girl time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to join them since I had to get things ready for the weekend. I probably won't get to see them for over a week since my in-laws will be here. Maybe I'll do a girls night and bring my mother in law. Let's see what happens. And yes we try to get together and get all dressed up like this at least once a week. They are like the sisters I never had.

I'll get back on track in a week or so with the blog too, hang in with me girls. I may not have a lot of nail posts over the next week, but I'll think of some things for you guys. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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