Tuesday, May 31, 2011

International Shipping Will Most Likely Return Soon!

OK - so after the panic, we did a ton more research and made a ton more phone calls. We thought we had this whole International thing down and then they throw a wrench in the whole thing. So basically there are places Internationally that it is OK to ship to using the United States Postal Service and there are places that we can ship to using UPS or other such methods and there are places that are just plain not OK to ship to. Grrr.

So out of all our International orders received it looks like only two may not be able to be shipped. We will contact those individuals, so if you are International and do not receive an email from us - you are golden.

For those of you in Canada, we have to ship via UPS Ground. We couldn't make it to UPS before it closed tonight - so we will be doing that tomorrow. It will most likely cost more for shipping via UPS, but we will be picking up the cost on those. Once we find out the rate, then we will adjust our shipping rates online when we put the International capabilities back up on our site. I apologize to those of you affected by the delay.

We will be working on updating the site with those places that allow International shipping, but it may be a few days before the site is updated and some International shipping restored. We are trying to figure out how we can set up shipping costs by location to meet these new standards we now are learning we have to meet.

Thank you everyone for your patience as we navigate this hiccup. Now here is my question - I have been pretty open all along the way as we establish ourselves as a business. You have all ridden the highs and now a low for us. Would you rather I keep this stuff out of the blog or keep spilling all our business success and failures with you all?

In the meantime since I haven't been able to take nail pics - I leave you with a little of my stress relief...

Apple Computer Special Effects Pictures taken just moments ago!

Normal - but neither Coco or I are camera ready tonight!

Dent Feature! 

Mirror Image Feature

Fish Eye Feature

Twist Feature

Stretch Feature

Dent Feature Again

X-Ray Feature - yes that is really me!

Thermal Feature

And just because I am vain enough to not want you all to think I look like these fun photos, I leave you with a super - ultra retouched to the point of perfect fakeness photo of myself.


  1. yay for international beauties! i for one welcome all your ups and downs being shared, it makes your company seem real--er which it is of course! i love you girl and you do what seems best for you and the company. i appreciate knowing that you go through tough times because you pick yourself up and do it with grace and poise, all the while accomplishing what you believe is best for your customers.

    la la love the pics <3

  2. I love hearing about your business! I know how difficult it is to start a business. I started my own concrete company a couple of years ago.

    I love the fun pictures too!

  3. I also love hearing about your business. Getting to see your difficulties and triumphs and watching a small business grow is one of the things that makes Cult Nails so special. That and the fact that your polishes are fantastic!

  4. I definitely want to hear about your business! I feel like your friend lol, riding all these highs and lows with you, and it makes me root for you and your business all the more! Also, all of us polish lovers out here who dream of creating our own polishes too can live vicariously through you :P

  5. Thank you for sharing, it's useful for us "overseas girls" to understand what's behind a "no intl shipping" and see how much you and your family are putting in this business (and care about customers) <3

  6. I really enjoy hearing about your company issues, good or bad, and I smile at the good and worry about the bad for you. I'm really glad that it looks like international shipping will work, as it's hard to find a newly beloved polish and not be able to get it!

    And those pictures are awesome!

  7. i looove hearing about your business ups & downs, it inspires me lots!

  8. Hahaha, love those pics :-) Getting silly is a great stress reliever...
    Happy to hear you were able to figure things out (sort of) & sharing, it's all part of Cult Nails life's adventure, right? So why not share!
    And I will now treasure my precious Cult Nail polishes even more, now I know what blood, sweat & tears, time, love, care & family effort, it took to bring it to my door!

  9. Awesome this post and really unique all pics .fantastic this post i love it.

  10. I think it's cool that you're so open about your business. It helps the customers relate better to your company.
    I love the silly photos! But the xray one was scaryyyyy lol

  11. Oh yeah, keep spilling out all your secrets to us, I enjoy reading them :) And lol of all the pics

  12. Remember to send the parcels as merchandise. People often think that they are doing people a favour by sending them as "gifts" but it takes longer in customs and is often HELD (held = they take it and don't give it back) if they suspect otherwise. Customs officials aren't as naive as we all hope.
    The only time it didn't take over a month to receive a parcel from the US was when it was shipped as merch. I got it in a record two weeks.

  13. I am not and will never be on facebook and it seems like a lot of companies are going that route, so I like that you share your news/updates via the blog.