Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Maybe Potential Future Color

Do you like that title? I have to start finalizing the next collection. The problem is that I have so many ideas and I have been emailed even more ideas and trying to figure out which should be the next ones is not easy when I can only pick 4 or 5 colors. (Wow - what a run on sentence!) To top it off when I tell the lab I want a color, they send me a few versions of what they understand me to want. But the problem is they are almost always to similar to each other. The upside is that sometimes, they come up with something way better than what I explained (Captivated anyone?). So I am not going to say what I asked for, since I am still working on it and don't want to give any other snoopy snoops ideas. I will say this color was a requested color. What I got back isn't close to what I envisioned, but it is definitely an interpretation of what I explained. I have been wearing it since yesterday and I am loving it, but it isn't exactly what was asked for. So I am torn, do I stick with this or have them try again? Want to see the color and help me decide?

Now keep in mind I put this one really fast while my in-laws were still here. I didn't do a clean up and then raced around doing stuff around the house. I put on Bug Repellent for the mosquito's while wearing this, then hit the beach and the pool today, wearing sunscreen and packed a bunch of orders. So by the time I got around to taking pictures, the polish dulled some and I had some tip wear. But overall for everything I did - not to shabby!

This is a dark brown that leans slightly purple and has loads of silver glitter with a handful of multi-colored glitter thrown in for good measure.

Eek - no being lazy next time - I should have cleaned up this mani!

Then again as you can see I ruined it before it even dried! I really wasn't intending on posting this one.

My first thought when I saw this was the base is too similar to OPI's My Private Jet, so I had to check.

Similar bases, but definitely not the same. Plus mine is glitter, not shimmer and there is no awesome holo or blue/green sheen to mine. But I think mine stands out on it's own. Now to make it mine or go for take 4 on this color?

On another note - I decided I am going to go back to the funky pointed nails. I really did start loving them, so I think I am going to go back to them and keep them for just a bit longer. In case you forgot about my pointy nails, here's a look back.

Oh yeah - totally going back to those crazy nails! Sorry Juan!


  1. It reminds me a bit o Joe's Gunmetal. But I love it! If you made the base more like my beloved "Roach Tips" (OPI BTO) I'd love it even more. :) And then you could call it "Anger Management" to go with those pointy tips. :)

  2. I'm not in love with it that much, but I can see why others would be. And can I just say, that I LOVE the use of Varnish Vixen's pics on the right hand side of your blog layout?! She does such a fantastic job with all of her pics, but she really captures the beauty of your polishes!

    *and just to let you know I posted my simple review of the "day at the races" collection here when I got them in :

    Keep up the great work!

  3. hmmm i'm not in looooove with it per say...but i'd have to see it in person. i am SOOOO excited that you're going back to your pointy dagger nails! i really freaking dig those on ya!!

  4. @Manda - Thanks.
    @Styrch - Hmmm nothing like Joe's Gunmetal, interesting. I have another maybe similar to the base of BTO. :)
    @Leslie - Thanks! I have been emailing with Varnish Vixen and I LOVE her pics. She is letting me use her photos for our marketing purposes. You'll see them on our website soon too!
    @Kelliegonzo - It looks way better in person, but maybe that's why I am tossed on it. Maybe I just don't love it enough. But I don't think I will LOVE all the colors I put out, since they are not all for me. That's the tough part. If I don't LOVE it, will others? Not everyone has my taste. but I do love it - just not LOVE. LOL!

  5. I enlarged a couple of the pictures and I really, really like it close up. Far away, though, it doesn't make my heart beat faster. :)

  6. I love this color and hope you include it in the future