Monday, May 2, 2011

One More Day of OPP Anyone?

So last week I was totally slackin' on posting because I was too busy car shopping. It was time. :( I hate spending that kind of money! But. it was time for me to grow up and get rid of a fun Jeep for a mom mobile. (actually I don't think it's quite a mom mobile.) The Jeep was fun with the big ol tires. Fun in the sun with the top down. Totally completed my personality. It was my baby. It didn't matter if it got dirty, it was meant to be dirty. I looked forward to the rain just so I could drive through the big puddles. Off roading, Jeepin' fun was had. But it had as many buts. The road noise was so bad, the radio would have to be turned to 100 to hear it, and forget about a conversation with your passengers unless you like screaming and repeating what a hundred times. The tires were so big that it only served to make the road noise worse as well as the mileage. The gas mileage was so bad, I might as well have just thrown the gas away. The clunking sound every time I switched gear was just short of annoying(yet totally normal according to the mechanics I continuously asked). Nobody could climb into it. The ride was so bumpy and rough. But it was my baby and it was hard to get rid of it. I actually cried at the dealership over getting rid of it. So sad! We test drove and looked at so many cars, It was hard to remember which ones had which features. PIA if I do say so myself. In the end I opted for a very nice, family friendly, yet totally sexy Toyota Camry Hybrid. I have already driven about 250 miles and still have a 1/2 tank of gas. Lovin' that! The black is so shiny and smooth. I need this in a polish version! 

Sexy right? The fun part of car shopping was all the color inspiration I got. I can't wait to try some of what I saw out there! In the meantime, I received a package from a very generous follower (and now friend - got to love making new friends!) with RBL Iconoclast! YAY! I couldn't wait to try it. 

In direct sunlight. Love the micro glitter! Another RBL winner in my opinion.
Here it is extra large so you can see the multi colors. This was two coats, but I could have gotten away with just one.
In the shade the shimmer/powder glitter is not so noticeable, but still present.
Of course before getting my hands on Iconoclast, I had Diamond Cosmetics Starry Nights and Sally Hansen Black Platinum, so I just had to compare them. Formula wise there was no beating RBL. Really is that a shock? Sally Hansen's was very sheer and needed three coats. Diamond Cosmetics needed 2 and RBL only needed one, but I did two anyway.  In the picture below Top to bottom: DC Starry Night, RBL Iconoclast & SH Black Platinum. 

In the bottles, none of them look quite like each other, but the basis is the same. They are black polish with micro glitter in multi colors. Below Left to Right: SH, RBL & DC. RBL's seems to be the more intense of the three as far as the shimmer goes, but honestly the other two are still pretty shimmery. All three are smooth and shiny when dry. (no topcoats on any of these photos.) All in all I think the SH & DC are great alternatives if you're looking for one.

Ironically enough though, the SH & DC version still sparkle when not in the sun, while the RBL seems to flatten to more of a creme. But as you all know, that is one of the things I love about some shimmer polishes. I love when they look like a creme indoors while outside the sparkle. My Kind of Cool Aid anyone?

So that is what I have for you right now. I still have a few more OPP pics and some other stuff I am working on. I also plan on writing a post on my semi-extreme couponing thanks to my neighbor. So look for more posts this week now that life is getting somewhat back to normal. If you count my kids upcoming activities this week....

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