Friday, May 6, 2011

Outfit of the Day

It's been a while since I posted an outfit of the day. That's just because taking the pictures is so frustrating. I gave Juan the camera this past weekend and asked him to take some covert pictures hoping that they would maybe come out better. They didn't! I realize I stand funny when I am leaning against something. It looks like I split my body in two, which does nothing for the outfit I am wearing. And I was so comfortable and loving the outfit too. Now it looks a little blah.

This picture isn't so bad. I am wearing a dress I bought on clearance from Francesca's Collections. I scored the dress for $15. It is a layered dress and so comfy. I am also wearing my Alex & Ani bracelets that I purchased at ZeeBerry a while ago.

Now is where I start to get all lopsided looking. I love these sandals with the dress. I got them at Target They are the Dolce Vita Wedges and I paid $30 for them. The sunglasses are a pair I found in St Augustine last year for like $10. I have since gotten two other pairs of sunglasses and somehow always go back to these. I hope they don't break or get lost!

On my nails I was wearing Let Me Fly. It was a perfect touch of color to the entire outfit. But I didn't have a picture of it from that day. Sorry. Instead I'll show you what I had on before cutting my nails down to my current stubbin nubbins. This is a basic chocolate milk brown that was accidentally made a while back. The first run of Cruisin Nude I received was way off, but I ended up liking the color. I had the lab hold on to it for us for now as I think this may have a home in a collection one day. I think each collection needs some kind of neutral, be it a pink or beige or red, something for everyone. I think this will be it. I just don't know when. We are having to work up to a year in advance right now. Ugh! Can I just tell you how hard that is! I have so many ideas and I have so many of you sending me ideas of what you want, I am trying to make as many of these happen as possible - it is just figuring out the timelines. :(

In other news I am suppose to be receiving A Day at the Races between Saturday and Monday now. I am beyond frustrated! The latest news was that we got bumped for a customer who orders "millions" of bottles at a time and my tiny order wouldn't ship until their order shipped. Really? SO the fact that I placed my order first, and paid for my order already means nothing? Ugh! With the nail polish industry booming and being as small as it is, unfortunately that is exactly what it means. As a result of the delays, I think this will be the last time we offer pre-sales. I just hate having things like this hanging over me. I am the opposite of a procrastinator and this just has had me in turmoil, so I don't know that I would be able to handle the stress if something like this were to happen again. I am being assured it won't - but what if it does? I guess we will have to see how they do with the next collection. I am awaiting on some samples from the lab for the next collection now. I can't wait to see how these come out! I'm trying to stay positive and move forward. Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend! If the polishes make it tomorrow I will definitely post it on here to let you all know, but we won't post them for sale on the site until we get all the pre-sales out. (Which I will be sending them all out the second I receive the polishes!) Thanks for hanging in there with me through this crazy roller coaster ride!


  1. Don't stress about the pre-orders hun! If I were you, I would still do a pre-order for future collections, but not specify an exact shipping date. Rescue Beauty Lounge do that (they just say "will ship in may/june" etc) and I don't think anyone minds waiting! Well I know I don't :P
    And I don't mind waiting for your polishes either! They are worth the wait! :D

  2. Cute outfit, oh how I envy the awesome weather you get! Where I am the weather has finally started to be more spring-like consistently. For all of March and April it was so up and down, cold warm, rain cold, cold... so annoying!

  3. aw don't stress! we are all patiently awaiting the beauties :)

    so excited!

  4. Great outfit, LOVE the nail color! Awesome shoes...where did you get them?

  5. You SO look like Eva Longeria here!! You look amazing! I have those shoes in gold and I love them =)

  6. I love this brown creme -- you should definitely release it in a future collection. It would be perfect for fall!