Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Outfit of the Day?

I feel like I haven't posted in forever. It has been such a busy week. I feel like I am always saying that. Can I please just have a few more hours in each day? That would be awesome!

Anyway, we have a ton of pictures from our weekend in Ft Myers last weekend for Juan's cousin's wedding. It was so nice to be able to see so many of his family members that I haven't seen since our own wedding 16 years ago. Anyway one of the nights we went to a local Ft Myers restaurant Nervous Nellie's. If you ever find yourself in Ft Myers, I suggest you check this place out. It was so hard deciding what to order, I have never seen such an expansive menu. There really is something for everyone. I don't know how they do it. Anyway enough of my rambling, my family is waiting for me so we can go do something since the in-laws are still here. So on to the outfit of the day.

Can you believe I am about to take Outfit of the Day pictures in front of like 30 of Juan's family members! YIKES!

I just had to check out the dockmaster tip jar!

I love this dress. Juan is not much of a fan of this one. I got this at Macy's for I think $30.

I can't remember where I got the sandals. 

Most everyone else in our group was wearing shorts and t-shirts. There were a handful of sundresses but more beach style. I of course felt perfectly dressed for an evening meal on the water. But Juan said I was overdressed and I think his mom might of agreed. But if you know me, you know I love dressing up - so no apologies here! I did tone down the accessories though, and only wore a cocktail ring and some hoop earrings. What do you think, was I overdressed or was everyone else under dressed? lol

One last pic of Juan and me!

I wore Cruisin' Nude on my nails for the weekend. 

If you haven't taken advantage of our Memorial Day Sale already, you still have time. Right now on the Cult Nails website we are having a Buy 3 Get 1 free sale. Actually it works more like spend $40 get $10 off. So you can mix and match with the glass files if you want.  Just put at least $40 worth of product in your cart and use code: neverforget at checkout. I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend!


  1. I love your dress!

    I'm looking for more maxi dresses to wear this summer and this one is perfect ~ especially for a waterside dinner.

  2. Love this dress and I think it's perfect for dinner on the water! I think too many people dress down in the US. More dressing up please!

  3. I am wearing Cruisin Nude and loving it!!!

  4. Maria,

    Love your dress - you definitely rocked it! I agree with Never Enough Nails - too many people dress down in the US. I'm with you! Your dress gives me a great idea for a konad with plate M57. White base, black zebra stripes with some purple cheetah over it. I have to tell you I have My Kind of Cool Aid and love it. The wear was fantastic. I pre-orded Cruisin' Nude and I'm waiting until my mother-in-law visits in a few weeks to wear it. I'm going to do an accent nail with shoes in pink metallic (my mother-in-law loves shoes and has a lot of shoes).

  5. I love that dress, and you look fabulous! I think it's rather hard to be overdressed, unless you are wearing a prom gown and such to go to the dirt bike track or something. I wore Cruisin Nude to a seminar last weekend, thinking that it wouldn't distract me, but nooooooooo, I kept looking for the shimmer in it! (And smiling when the light caught it and I could see it.)THank you for another FANTASTIC collection of colors!!!

  6. You look gorgeous as always! I almost always feel that most folks are under-dressed. I love to get dressed up but I am usually the one that went for a bit more than most folks. I just love dresses and heels. I always stay appropriate though. No heels when I'll be walking or standing for more than a few hours.
    I think your outfit was perfect for a dinner by the water.

  7. the dress and polish look great on you! I had to zoom in on the "tips" picture to see the polish. looks good with your skin colour