Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I'm Obsessed with Right Now - JewelMint

I heard about Jewelmint back in November (if I remember correctly). It is a Jewelry of the Month club. For $29.99 a month, you select a piece of jewelry. You can skip any month as long as you do it before the 4th of the month and you can cancel at any time.

I'm not one for "Of the Month" type clubs, but after looking around, there was a cuff bracelet that I just had to have. For $29.99 I figured I would join and buy the bracelet and then cancel my membership. But when I received the cuff, I couldn't believe the quality. It was AMAZING! It is sturdy and heavy and the quality is really good. It definitely is worth much more than the $30 I paid for it. After I saw the Gehry cuff in person, I wanted another one. Unfortunately it is sold out and I will not be getting my second cuff. boo!

To be honest I skip most months. But I love that I can skip a month and not worry about it and then just catch up when I find a piece I want. Here are a few of the other pieces I have received. I like that they don't just send me a random piece. I actually have to go online and make my monthly selection.

The Aqua Bomb Ring. This ring is a silver ring with two milky aqua colored stones on the top. This is definitely an edgy ring. I love wearing it with a rocker style outfit at night.

Autumn Glam Earrings. These are 24K gold-plated earrings with emerald green center stone. I have nothing to wear these with - but OMG! LOVE! These are such a statement piece. Maybe when I find something to wear with the necklace Juan bought me for our anniversary, I'll find something to wear with these! 

Want to see some more? Well today I received two pieces in the mail. A few months ago I skipped a month, but still made a payment for my credit because I was hemming & hawing over a piece. By the time I decided - the piece was gone. I wish I jumped on it when I had the chance. So this month I took my credit and used my other credit that was sitting in my account and ordered 2 pieces! YAY! Once I received them, I knew I had to show you guys, which is what prompted this post!

This next one is also another one I had been debating on and I am SOOO glad I finally grabbed it. It's the Golden Goose Bracelet. The pictures on the JewelMint site just do not do this piece justice. On the site it looks like it would be a very small delicate piece. While it has some delicate qualities to it, it is another amazing quality and sturdy piece. Very rocker chic with a classic edge. I haven't taken it off since it arrived! Kat has already told me she wants to wear it to school tomorrow. I actually said she could because the piece is so sturdy, I can't imagine her breaking it. But I threatened to ground her for life if she loses it!

The last piece I received today is the Sienna Bracelet. This one is another piece that when I saw it on the site, I knew I had to have it. It looked like it would be a small delicate piece on the site. I was surprised to see how big and chunky it was in person. But you know what? I love it more now that I have it. I was thinking I could wear it with other bracelets, but now I think this is a stand alone piece.

I haven't ordered any of the necklaces yet. But there are a few I have had my eyes on. I think next month I will definitely pick a necklace!

If you are into accessories like I am, then you need to check them out. So selfishly I am going to ask if you decide to join Jewelmint, to please do so via my link here. If you place an order through my links, I can earn free pieces. If I do earn a free piece, I will kick one back to you guys as a give-away!

For those of you who are wondering what's on my nails, here's a close up. I had created a light white with a pink hue a while back and a coral. I mixed the two together to see what I would get and I got a light bubble gum pink. I've been wearing this since Sunday and they still look amazing. I may just add a design to them rather than doing a new manicure since it is staying put.

Disclosure: I was not asked or paid to do this review. The only remuneration I may get will be from anyone who signs up for the service through my link and makes a purchase.


  1. I love the Golden Goose bracelet but I am loving your nail color even more! Its so pretty and suits u perfectly.

  2. Hi!

    Would you be interested in selling the Autumn Glams? Love those earrings. If so please email me at lenagarmo@gmail.com.