Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bundle Monster Design in Green

What's going on ladies? I can't believe it's already Thursday! I can't wait for the work day to end so I can hang with my friends. We are having a few friends over for a nice Mexican inspired dinner and some board games for Cinco de Mayo. Funny story though. I asked my neighbor if she wanted to join us and she offered to make the rice and chicken. Cool, I don't eat meat (except seafood), so it was one less thing I would have to worry about for the meat eaters. Well at about 5pm last night I get a text from her that the chicken was almost done! WHAT? Oopsie - she mixed up the dates! So we had a trial run. We made some Puerto Rican style rice & beans to go with her chicken and I made myself some faux meat and we were good to go. So tonight will be round two!

Anyway I did a Bundle Monster design on my nails last night. I am loving the new BM plates. I am contemplating a collection of core colors for Cult Nails. All cremes. I was trying to get a cool green. The first one came out to granny smith with not enough blue undertones. The next one was darker and much nicer, but I think might be a bit too common of a green. I am still debating on whether a collection like this would be a success, but in the meantime I'll keep working on the colors. I decided to paint my nails using the lighter granny smith green.

I then used the darker green and a design on the BM plate 205.

Here's a close up with the darker green in the background

It would be really hard for me to pull off the lighter green color on it's own, but with the design I think I can pull it off. What do you think?

As an added bonus, here is a car we saw on the road the other day. It has eyelashes!

Happy Cinco de Mayo yo! 


  1. I agree, it is nice to sometimes stamp a colour that you may not wear on its own... I like these two greens together :)

  2. Pretty!!!! I have a friend who has these eyelashes on her BRIGHT yellow car!! They are so cool!


  3. I love doing a subtle stamp like that every so often! It looks fantastic on you. I would love it if you did some core colors in primary and secondary colors, because the quality of your formula is so dead on.

  4. This design looks amazing! I like the greens, subtle but still fun!