Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Benefits of Joining the Cult

Our polish cult is growing every day! It is so exciting for us to know that everyone is who has tried our product is loving it! We put a lot of work into Cult Nails so it feels good to see so many repeat customers and amazing reviews!

But of course we can't stop there! We still need to keep growing in order to be an existing company years from now. Our focus is on creativity, quality and of course customer service! Our goals right now are still working on the fun of creating a holo. I won't bore you with the details, but essentially the price of the necessary ingredients is outrageous, so we have a lot more polish to sell before we can afford it. :( The plus side is that when we can afford it, with the minimum requirements to buy, we will most likely have an entire holo collection! WAHOO! I can't wait for that day!

Besides the holo fun, we are looking at ways to get our product into magazines! I just can't imagine opening a magazine one day and seeing my polish in there! I think I would buy every copy of that magazine and send it to everyone I know when it does happen. (And yes I said WHEN! It will happen!) Now if I can just figure out how that works. Do I just call them? Send them a press kit? What do you put in a press kit? All these things I need to learn and have no clue. LOL! I will get there though. I am taking a week off work soon, so magazines, look out, your phones will be ringing! (Isn't it funny that I am taking a week of work, and I am planning on working that week? Well I very well can't sell nail polish while doing my day job!)

I would also LOVE to get my product on TV. I mean interviews with the news, the ladies on The Talk wearing my polish since they love to talk with their hands and tease us with their polished fingers everyday, the TV shows at night. You name it! Now if I could just figure out how to get my polish in the stylists hands and in the hands of the wardrobe dept...

Do I stop there? Oh no dear ladies! I want to get Cult Nails in stores and salons across the world!  Again, I need to work my butt off on my week off calling salons and visiting local salons. (Can I just say sales makes me nervous! eek!)

In the meantime, I am focusing on getting the word out there here on the blog with all of you guys, on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube! I am having some contests to encourage more followers too.

On Twitter I am going to give the entire collection away (1 of each of the 9 colors we currently have) to one lucky follower once we reach 1,000 followers! So if you don't follow us on Twitter yet, I suggest you head on over there! (We are really close, just 50 followers to go!)

On Facebook we are offering the same thing and I am making a point of logging onto Facebook every day. Once we reach 1,000 likes, one lucky liker will win the entire collection (1 of each of the 9 colors we currently offer). The Facebook page is pretty cool too - you can access our store and YouTube channel right from our Facebook page! So head there now and follow us on The Face Space as we call in our house.

A bonus to following us in those two places is that we will post occasional promotions that are Facebook or Twitter promotions only! I will not come back and post those on the blog anymore (I think), so head on over and follow us!

Lastly - it has been a while since I have done a blog give-away, so I am working on one that I can do real soon. So keep following us here too!

Oh and least I forget, we have really struggled to get subscribers to the Cult Nails news! We do not bombard your inbox with junk ads. We will only send out press releases and specials. Promise! As an added bonus, once we have 1,000 subscribers I will give away Maria's Must Have's! That is a collection of my favorite beauty products like: Dior Blackout Mascara, Nars Orgasm blush, Bobbi Brown tinted lip balm in the oh so hard to find raspberry tint color, waterproof eyeliner, bracelets, earrings and necklaces and of course some Cult Nails polishes! (I think there is more in there too, I just forget!).

So see you follow us and you can win prizes and get special promotions just for you! And if you don't win, you can always buy the polish and have happy little cult fingers! So what are you waiting for? Don't just step into the Cult, jump right in and be a premier member! :) And of course if you have any suggestions or ideas, I am always open to them!


  1. Oh my gosh. A whole holo collection?! Sign me up! :D

  2. OOOOO can't wait for that holo collection. Holos are always my fave. I was goin to say another way to get publicity is contact some of the youtube gurus offer them a bottle for review. Even if they don't love it (which they will) you are still getting the publicity. That's never a bad thing.

  3. How funny, did you see my Join the Cult post today? I am all about getting new members to join The Cult if it leads to HOLOS!

  4. Just bought my first Cult Nails. I'm so excited!!! Hope the new collection arrives soon!
    Ana Resende

  5. Thanks for the link to your blog subscriber page. I wanted to subscribe for a while but I couldn't figure out how to do it. When I am reading your blog via links from twitter, there isn't a clear link on the page that shows me how I can subscribe. Thankfully I was able to finally! YAY! I appreciate all your giveaways as well *smile*