Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fourth of July Inspired Manicure - Day 1

So this should be fun. Out internet is down and we are getting the run around from our cable company.
First they told us there was a outage in our area, then they told us there was no outage, and that someone will have to come out. Unfortunately I have too much going on at work and can't stay home on Tuesday for them and neither can John. So that means we had to schedule someone to come out on Wednesday instead. No cable - no internet! How the heck will we survive? LOL!

Thank goodness for Smartphones. I am able to still run Cult Nails and here I am posting on my blog from my phone! Let's see how well this goes.

My goal was to show several 4th of July inspired manicures this week, since I know many of you here in the U.S. are planning and plotting your manicure. I created a few 4th of July inspired manicures last weekend. I figured this would give me some time to decide on how I wanted to wear my nails over the 4th weekend. Maybe it will help spark your creative juices too.

I'm going to share a different manicure with you every few days up until the 4th. On the 4th I'll post my final manicure choice!

First up - I had a dream about this manicure. In my dream I used a wavy image plate design and made my nails look like a flag waving in the wind and then did my thumb in blue with some rhinestones on top to mimic the stars on our flag.

When I woke up and looked through the 60+ image plates I have, none of them had the wavy design from my dreams. I did find one a little close, so I went with that one. Here is what I used:
I used a basic white, a blue I created and Quench for the nails. I used the wavy pattern on BM plate 210 and some BundleMonster Rhinestones.

Unfortunately I smeared the manicure when I put the top coat on. But otherwise I think this came out pretty good. I just wish the design didn't cut off and restart. 

While I am fairly patriotic, especially with a husband being in the military. Beyond wearing a patriotic shirt, I am not one to be too theme oriented people, so while I really think this can look cool, I don't see this as the manicure I am going to select for the 4th. But part of me thinks, this year, I just might go all out because this looks fun! Let's see what happens.


  1. Awesome! The red stripes make it look like a flag in the wind :)

  2. THe blue is just gorgeous! The pattern is lovely too, nice job.

  3. Love it - maybe I'll even change what I was going to do for 4th of July and copy you. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  4. You have GOT to get that blue in a collection. It is gorgeous!

  5. Super cool.. but the stripes look a little pink to me? Show me more!! And you know I LOVE that blue. Cute idea!

  6. i love it! its so pretty! by the way im your new follower and i enjoy reading it! you can visit my blog too :) http://neelai14.blogspot.com/


  7. nice shade of royal blue! :)
    BTW, nice blog. Definitely going to follow you :)


  8. I'm not theme-oriented, either...I've never felt the need to show my patriotism through flag flip-flops, t-shirts, etc. I'm hoping that blue will be part of a future collection, because it looks gorgeous!

  9. I love this!! I recently featured it on my blog as one of the best 4th of July DIY manis I've seen! Thanks for sharing :) xoxo