Monday, June 6, 2011

Lancome Bronze Color Design Palette & OOTN

I recently won a Lancome Bronze Amour Color Design Palette off their Facebook App. I was so excited to have been chosen as a winner and couldn't wait to try it out once it arrived!

The palette has 5 colors that coordinate together. When I first opened the palette I was surprised with how sparkly it was. At almost ahem *37* ahem, I wasn't too sure I could pull of all that sparkle. But since I won it, I figured I owed it a fair shot.

 It came with instructions to do a day look and an evening look. The directions came with detailed written instructions along with drawn pictures to show how to complete the look.

First up - The Day Look


I didn't get it exactly how it was in the booklet, but I think it came out pretty good. I really liked this look. I liked it enough that I did the look again today! It doesn't look so sparkly in person. It actually looks very pretty and subtle. (Excuse the eyebrows, I forgot to groom them prior to applying the day look.)

Now the Night Look

Again, my look didn't match exactly like theirs, but it still came out pretty good. This one actually looked more intense in person. Go figure. But still very nice and perfect if you don't like to wear a heavy look, but want a nice evening look. Plus I went pretty light with application. I think this could definitely be a buildable look.

I was doing a lot of work for the blog and Cult Nails on Saturday, so I didn't wear this look out. We were getting together with some friends, so I just decided to wear the look with a casual outfit. I have to say it helped step the outfit's look up a notch.

Since we were hanging with the neighbors, I didn't bother with shoes I threw on a black tank, white button down shirt and a pair of jean cutoffs. 

All very simple, so I decided I would throw on the necklace Juan got me for our anniversary from the jewelry designer Panther. I've been dying to wear it! Here's a close up with my gradient manicure in Cult Nails Captivated. I'll be posting the tutorial to how I did this later this week.

All in all I really am loving the Color Design palette from Lancome. I think this is a perfect palette for someone like me who is color shy when it comes to wearing eyeshadow. I love that I can transition this look from day to night. It also says that it wears for 8 hours. Since I didn't apply this until about 8:30 at night, I removed all my makeup except my eyes and when I woke up this morning, while it was faded some, it was still there. It actually looked so good I was tempted to just go with my eyes like that all day, but instead I removed it and did the day look all over again. The palette retails for $48 and can be purchased at Lancome's website. I want the Jade Fever one now!

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