Friday, June 17, 2011

LCN Magnetic Polish

While at Premiere Orlando I grabbed some LCN Magnetic polish. I couldn't wait to try this out! I have the old L'Oreal magnet in purple, but unfortunately I got it in a bum swap and the magnet did not work! This is a polish trend I have been dying to try! So when I saw the collection of 8 magnetic colors and two magnets, I was all over it. Little did I know there was a learning curve here! I kept hitting my nails with the magnet!

I had to re-do this hand. I did the manicure, then I put on a quick dry top coat like I do immediately after a manicure. Well it spread the magnetic pull all over the nail and made it look terrible! It only took me 3 nails to figure it out! LOL! Word to the wise if you get your hands on magnetic polish, wait for them to dry before putting on the top coat!

Here is take two:

In the end I think they came out pretty cool - but after a few days, I don't think this trend is for me. I think this is something maybe I will do on just one nail and leave the rest plain. Does that mean I am getting old and boring? 

To get your own LCN Magnetic polishes, check out their site. They retail for $9.90 each. I am wearing Copper Seduction here.


  1. Wow, I have seen this once before and thought it was some type of stamping. How cool is this? I would love to try it out. And no, you aren't getting old. Different trends aren't for everyone, especially as a full mani! :)