Monday, June 27, 2011

My Nekkid Nails

I trimmed my nails again last night. I swear I have ADD when it comes to my nails. I go from wanting them long and square to long and pointy, to short and round to short and square. Good thing my nails grow fast!

On Friday I was loading some stuff in my trunk and I hit my hand and three of my nails. It hurt so bad, I thought when I looked at my hand that the nails would be broken from the impact. Amazingly, my nails were fine. When I took my polish off after filing my nails yesterday, I was able to see the damage. I have a few white "stress" marks from where my nails bent from the impact, but amazingly no breaks or bruising. I wonder what will happen once the area becomes part of my free edge?

Thought I would share it with you all. My nekkid nails! Even with the stress marks, I think they look pretty good!

Since I was a little bored, I decided to to try and take some creative pics. This one is with my "idea" book. I grabbed this at Target when I first started the concept of Cult Nails. This book contains all my ideas and secrets. LOL! 

Then I wanted to play at taking pictures of me and my camera. I see so many pictures people take like this and they look so cool, I wanted one too. HA! I tried to pose my hands though so you could really see my nails. I really want to try to do one like this that is in better focus with one of my polishes on. It gave me some ideas.
That's all I have for you today! Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Wow. Youre nekkid nails ARE pretty! Lol at the picture of yourself, but it looks so awesome that now I want one too!

  2. I firmly believe polish helps strengthen the nails :) I'm really hard on my hands and nails and I rarely break them, thanks to my polishing routines :D

  3. pretty nakid nails! :D I btw. got the order today! That was really fast! Yay cant wait to try them on :)

  4. Your naked nails are great! lol

  5. I've been following your blog for awhile now, and honestly this is my favorite shape for your nails. I would definitely not call them short - anything past the fingertips is not short at all in my book. Plus, you haven't seen MY nails! Haha. :)

  6. @HKLinda - Thanks! I think you should do a picture too! We should make it a theme for a week or something!

    @Beauty By Krystal - I am with you! My nails hardly ever break anymore. (I better go knock on some wood now that I said that!) I have a friend whose nails always break, but she never wears polish and when she does she doesn't use a base or top coat and then keeps wearing the polish after it chips. I believe that helps the nails break. Live & learn I guess.

    @rijah - So glad you got your order! I can't believe how fast it got there!

    @Miss Blue - Thank you!

    @Anonymous - Thanks! I like this shape nekkid - but when I paint my nails they look so wide to me. I may shape them up a bit and keep them like this though. Well at least for a little while - if you've been following for a while now, you know how I am! LOL!