Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outfit of the Day - Work Wear

I have a ton of nail looks ready to show you, but I am opting to do an outfit of the day post instead. I tweeted Friday night about the sale going on at The Gap. They were having 40% off Women's clearance. I keep a mental list of items I "need" clothes wise to round out my wardrobe. I like classic styles for work since they will almost always stand the test of time. I don't mind spending more on clothes I wear to work, but since I love a bargain, I couldn't resist the sale.

I walked in and tried on a champagne colored jacket. It was nice and I was about to grab it. But they had a great sales lady working. I was rather impressed since it was a mall store. But she walked up made small talk with me & Juan, showed me some other clearance jacket options and instead of buying one jacket for $25 on clearance, I bought 2 jackets, a navy one for $20.60 and a light pink one for $30. Thinking about it I should have bought the champagne one too! LOL!

I couldn't wait to wear the jacket, so I decided today would be the perfect day. Here is the jacket and how I wore it.
Pale Pink Jacket from the Gap, Ivory T-shirt - Forever 21, Tan pants - The Limited, Sandals - Guess, Handbag - Michael Kors

This is about as happy as you'll see me in the morning! The pics came out crappy. It was already 77 degrees out and it was only about 6:30 in the morning, I had to hurry up and go, and the salt air was pretty thick.

Close up of the sandals. Love them!

I was tweeting with someone about my summer bag the other day, so here is a close up of my peanut colored Michael Kors. I am already getting frustrated with the bag though. The way the short handles are on the bag is driving me crazy. I am either going to take the bag to my local shoe repair to see if they can break the handle and re-position them for me or buy a new bag. If you look the gold handles loop through from the front of the bag to the back. So when I let go of one handle to get something in the bag, it just tightens the handle and closes the bag! Can we say frustrating? I didn't think it would be so frustrating! If I could get them separated into two handles instead of one, it would be perfect!

The black bag is my work bag. I love the work bag. I have been using it for about 4 years now and I use it every day! It has plenty of pockets and enough room for my laptop, files and more. It's from Coach. I tried to find a similar bag on the coach website, but they don't seem to make anything like it anymore. 

So what do you wear to work? Do you work in a casual office? Do you have to dress up? What is your favorite store to shop for work clothes at?


  1. Unfortunately, I don't work anymore. I used to work as a digital artist, and I absolutely loved it! Maybe I'll be able to go back to work again one day... I'm crossing my fingers! :D

    Also? That outfit is gorgeous! It really suits you. :D

  2. I love layering a bunch of neutrals and then having accessories and/or a nail polish that pops! This outfit looks absolutely fab on you! :)