Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sea Turtles and Some Crackle

Saturday night we took a walk to the beach to see if we could find any sea turtles. What an interesting night! I went with my daughter and my neighbor and we saw nothing. When we got back Juan and our neighbor's husband went and they saw a few turtles. (Our neighbors have a baby, so one of them had to stay home since the baby was sleeping.) Anyway, so me & my neighbor and daughter Coco go back and we not only saw a turtle going back into the ocean, we saw one in the process of laying eggs! Now I am not talking some tiny little turtle here! I am talking about a 500+ lb turtle! It was pretty amazing to see. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know most of this already. But what I didn't put on Twitter was that after I got back for the second time, Juan and our neighbors husband & Coco went back again! It was about 1 in the morning at this point. So us ladies were still sitting outside waiting for them to get back and guess what happens? Next thing I know a cop car pulls up in front of my neighbors driveway and stops! My heart stops! Did they get in an accident? Is everything OK? Where is my baby? NOOO! Well the back door opens and out the guys & Coco step. Juan locked his keys in the car! Thanks for the heart attack! The nice officer gave Juan a ride home and then we had to grab his keys and we walked back to the beach to grab his car and finally ended our turtle night at about 2 in the morning. Here are some of the pictures we were able to get.

These tracks mean a turtle was here!

This is a bad pic because it was late at night and I tried to zoom my camera as much as possible. We wanted to give the turtle privacy to lay her eggs, so we stayed pretty far away. She is half way buried in the sand laying her eggs. soon there will be a bunch of baby turtles. I hope they all make it back into the ocean!

On my nails I am wearing OPI Go On Green. A beautiful baby blue polish with green shimmer. Can I just say I LOVE this polish! It is so delicate and pretty and unexpected and different. I love the flash of green shimmer in there. How have I never heard of this color! You can really see the shimmer in the bottle. In person the shimmer was just as vivid.


I added the OPI Turquoise Shatter on top - but all my pictures made it look pure blue. No matter what I did - the pics kept coming out blue! In real life it was very much the turquoise color and the green shimmer from Go On Green looked awesome under this one! I loved this mani!



  1. Ohh, that's pretty!! I like the blue, even though I love turquoise too! I've been playing with crackles as well, and they're really growing on me!

  2. Aww I love turtles, that silver/blue is gorgeous too!

  3. i'm obsessed with sea turtles =] what gorgeous pictures! Love the polish too! Happy World Sea Turtle Day! Did you know it was today?

  4. The sea turtle is so beautiful! <3 You are so lucky I want to see one so bad! The polish is awesome too and I love the crackle over it