Sunday, June 19, 2011

Snakeskin Inspired Manicure Tutorial

Many of you may have seen or heard of the $300 real snakeskin manicure that was featured on the Today Show back in May. If you haven't, click here to view the clip. There were a few things going through my mind when I saw this manicure. My first thought was - that is disgusting! I do not want to wear the skin that fell off a snake. Although after Juan left me a "Present" in my car of some snake skin he found hanging in a tree, I suppose I could have done this $300 manicure for free! LOL! But no thanks, I'd rather not.

But while I thought it was gross, my next thought was, It does look hot! There has got to be a way to do this without the using the real deal. I looked for some Minx or Sally Hansen snakeskin inspired nails strips and came up empty handed. (I have a feeling that will now change soon.) Since I knew I had to try it, I decided to break out the Konad plates after seeing someone's attempt online somewhere, where she actually freehands the pattern on. Sorry, but that's too much work if you ask me. OK I admit, too much skill. I need something easy.

Picking the colors wasn't easy. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with a green effect or a brown effect. I didn't know if I wanted to make the pattern in a light color like on the Today show clip or dark in color. But then I thought, hmmm, I have a new color coming out in August, why not use that one. Once that color was selected the rest was easy. I opted for an edgy Fall look that I think looks amazing! It is too early in the summer for me to really want to sport this manicure, but I thought I would do the tutorial and take it right off. But I fell in love with it and did the rest of my nails! I plan on wearing it for a few days.  I now even plan on doing a snakeskin pedicure using the lighter colors instead!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and I look forward to seeing everyone's take on this look!

Where to get the supplies used:

I got Konad Plate M57 Here
I got the Scraper & Stamper Here
I got the BundleMonster Plate BM209 Here
The green polish is still nameless and in Production. It should be available through Cult Nails in August.
The browm polish is just a potential color one day. I am still undecided on that one.
The gold polish is Essie Shift Power and you can get that Here
The black is just a random drug store find

So what do you think? Are you going to try the snakeskin manicure?


  1. This is so cool!!! You've just given inspiration for a new mani! Looking forward to the new colors!

  2. Love4Nails on youtube just did a tutorial on the snakeskin mani which uses 2 kinds of mesh. It's interesting to see how people use different ways to get the snakeskin look.

  3. I saw that Love 4 nails on You Tube using different kinds of mesh materials however, your mani for the snakeskin is faster and looks like the same design on every nails, (your nails are gorgeous) Love your web blog, and this tutorial was amazing, thanks for doing this. You make it look so easy and beautiful.


    George :)

  4. The manicure is pretty and all but I'm most excited about the fact that you will be unleashing this green beauty come August. If there is a presale list... I want on it!!!! ;)