Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of July Manicure - Option 3

Good morning ladies! Friday is finally here! I can't wait for the weekend! I am taking vacation from my HR job next week and can't wait! Well I am sort of taking vacation, I have a lot of things I am working on and am going to take the quiet morning opportunities at home to push through some of those things, well not every day - just maybe for 1 or 2 days. The nature of my work doesn't stop because I want time off, so as not to come back to a heavy work load with massive amounts of extra hours, it is a tiny payoff to keep up in the mornings. But for once I am taking time off and going no where. It kind of feels like I am wasting my time off, but the reality is I need this! I am going to be doing some stuff for Cult Nails and spending time at the pool and beach with my girls. I think it is going to be great!

If you guys were at my house last night, you would have probably thought THAT was great! I have to buckle down with selecting some final colors. The problem is I tell the lab, I want something like XYZ. Can you give it to me in this color or that color  with this color and that color glitter? How about just that color glitter in this color and this color glitter in the that color? How about super fine glitter? How about holo glitter? How about bigger glitter? How about more sheer? More opaque? shinier? flatter? Are you seeing where I am going? Basically I am asking for every incarnation of a color I can think of! My lovely lab complies and sent me so many options to play with last night! Usually I can hone in on one right away and then the tweaking begins. But yesterday there were so many winners, perfect as they were! I am wearing a different color on each of my 10 fingers right now and I still have some left to try! Out of these 10 colors I think 6 are amazing. The other four are cool, but I don't think they will make the cut. Out of the 6 I need one of these though! 2 more can be used in future collections. So the decision is tough. I relied on my girl jbrobs from the Polish Insomniac blog. I don't know how she became the Cult Nails mentor, but whenever I am stuck on a color, I go to her. She got to see the 10 color options and helped me finalize my decision. The kicker came when my non nail fanatic neighbor came over and selected the same exact four colors that Jbrobs did and pretty much said the same things about the colors as well. There is one I love that neither of them loved, but I think I am going to keep that one and add it to a collection anyway. There was one that the bottle was exactly what I wanted, but it translated on the nail differently. So I was disappointed. But since they are unaware of what I asked for, they both loved it on the nail and said it was a must. I may see about tweaking it a little anyway, but funny how I get so wrapped up in it, and then I get a fresh opinion that makes me look at it in a different light. I love that Jbrobs gives me her honest opinion without regard to my feelings. Wait that came out wrong. She is very nice and never rude. But she is honest. She doesn't tell me what she thinks I want to hear. I guess that is why I go to her all the time. Maybe one day I'll be huge enough that we can officially work together! I keep trying to get her to move to FL. It hasn't worked yet! LOL! Anyway, so that was my night last night. I have until Tuesday to make a decision. No pressure!

ANYWAY - back to the 4th of July Mani options. I REALLY like this manicure. It was so simple to do. Remember the blue on my thumb that I showed you on Monday, which you can see here? I am so amazed by the number of comments I received with people wanting this blue! Juan loves this blue and thinks it should be part of a collection. I keep pushing it off and using it to franken some more with! So odds are good that you will get this blue, just in a different variation. I can't really say more, Juan swore me to secrecy on this one. But possibly in the Spring is when this pretty blue will make it's debut. But for this manicure I used the wanted blue, white, Orly's Twilight topcoat and BundleMonster plate 20.

Talk about the easiest manicure ever! I painted my nails with the blue, then stamped the star pattern all over my nails! I am planning on wearing some cute red shorts with an ivory top (if I can find one!), so this may be the perfect offset to that outfit! This is definitely a contender for the final manicure!
I messed up some of the stars, but I think it adds to the coolness of the manicure.

So what do you think? Now that it's Friday, do you have your mani for the weekend picked out? I still have one more manicure option to show you guys, after which you will see my newly nubbined nails! Yup all that my nails don't break crap, what do I do? I break a nail! Talk about a jinx! I'll save the new nubbins for next week...

Oh and stay tuned later today. I think I am going to post a 4th of July special some time today! I still haven't decided what it should be though. If you have any suggestions, let me know - maybe one of you will pick the special! 


  1. I love your nail shape! I think the 4th mani looks great, it's definitely better than anything I'd be able to come up with, haha. My nail art skills are pretty lacking.

  2. This is pretty much what I did last year and I loved it!

  3. Maria, this is amazing! Also, I think it's great to have that go to friend/mentor that is honest with you, no matter what. I can think of 1 friend I have that does that for me. Yes, all my friends are nice, but she will tell me straightforward her opinion, even if its not what I want to hear. I so appreciate that about her. We have been friends for over 16 years (since I was 16!). Love hearing about your adventures behind the scenes of Cult. I would love to do what you do someday! I'm thinking that you will get so big, you will OWN the lab someday ;-) Can't wait to see the new shades! <3

  4. This manicure makes me so excited to see fireworks!!!! :D

  5. They're gorgeous! Love those stars, completely slipped my mind to do a 4th of July mani, being in Dublin we didn't have the build up & I've just done leopard print :)