Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do I Look like a Hair Stylist?

So I trim my hair myself because well, I'm cheap. It looks good enough, but I wouldn't call it a true professional looking job by any stretch. My kids ask me to cut their hair all the time. Since they see me doing it, they think I am good at it. I have botched my own hair a few times as well as my daughter's, so I'm not sure why they keep asking me to cut it. But never the less, they always come back asking me to wield the scissors over their hair! Recently a friend asked me to cut my style layers in her hair. I begged her not to have me do it, but she insisted. So I cut her hair and it came out awesome! Oh boy did I dig myself a hole. I mean I have NOOO license or education! I look for the haircut on YouTube and watch several videos, I look at pictures and then I pick up the scissors. That's it! With my own hair I figure the worst that happens is I end up going to a professional the next day. No big deal.

Then last week my daughter asked me to give her "the scene" hair cut. (Do a quick google search - you'll see exactly what I am talking about.) It is a cute choppy looking style. I cut it and I have to say while the first day I was a bit worried at how it looked, now every time I see it, I think it looks amazing!

So yesterday was my youngest daughter's birthday and my friends birthday (and incidentally her husband's birthday too!) I offered to cook dinner for everyone's birthday and after dinner my friend (@judahfish on twitter) insisted that I have some wine with her. How could I say no. After a few glasses of wine, my friend looks at my oldest daughter's hair and exclaims that is the style she wants and insists I cut her hair. I tell her she is out of her mind as it would be a drastic cut for her. She pulls the birthday card and so what was I to do? I cut her hair!
My youngest daughter's birthday cake! She said she wanted a Twinkie cake - who am I to argue? But it's cute though right?
I had planned on coloring and cutting my own hair tonight - well since that wasn't going to happen, I guess at least someone got a new haircut! Want to see?

Here is the before:

Ignore the mess on the counter. If you can see behind Judafish, there is a baby eating chips(another friends totally adorable daughter), she is sitting on my daughter's lap, who just loves making a mess! LOL!

She's cute right? She had just finished telling me she wants to grow her hair long as she is growing out a bob she had. Now she wants the scene haircut? Oh boy! Let me have some more wine!

Here is the after:

@judahfish's new hair cut and some crazy streamers in the background. (We go a bit nutty in our house for Birthdays. The night before someone's B-day, we decorate the dining room all crazy, so when the birthday girl or boy wakes up, they get to see the decorations and know how much we love them! No party necessary!)

The back. She is turning her head a little, so it looks uneven, but I didn't touch the length at all, it is just the way she is turning her head.

ADORABLE if I do say so myself! And just a bit rock n' roll and sexy edgy too, if you ask me! Now I really want to cut my hair!

So what do you think? Did I do good? If you like it, send her a quick message on Twitter letting her know what you think. She is new to the Twitter world!

Would you trust me with the scissors on your head? If people are going to want me to cut their hair, I think I need to go get some edumacation on hairstyling and get a license!


  1. wow! You did it very well :)

  2. I think it looks smashing. You have a bit of real talent. From what I see in that picture I would totally trust you to trim, even lightly layer my hair. (Coming from me, with my extreme scissor phobia, that is high praise, indeed. :D)

    Twinkie cakes rule! No measuring, no mixing, no worrying about the cake falling.

  3. You did a fabulous job with the hair cut :) when can I come over ;)

    Hope you have a great day :)


  4. think you did a great job for teaching yourself! I hardly trust my own hairdresser so that was very brave of your friend!

  5. @Paulina - Thanks!

    @Ice Queen - Thank you! I can't believe people want me to cut their hair! Weird!

    @Styrch - Thanks girl!

    @Kiki's Corner - Come on over, I offer my hacking services for free! LOL!

    @Danielle - I hardly trust a hairdresser either! That's why I think it's crazy that people trust me! Ironically I trust myself than most hairdressers! I have been doing my own hair for the last three years. Stepped foot in a salon once in the last 3 years and came out with damaged hair!