Monday, July 25, 2011


What a day! Work was pure insanity and I ended up bringing more work home with me and yet I still have Cult Nails work to do. Somewhere in there my cousins and their kids came over - which was awesome as usual. I love seeing my family and just hanging out with them. One of my cousins lives in Puerto Rico so I don't get to see her but every few years, I just wish I had more time to take off from work to spend with her. But since I just had vacation with the kids and I am taking off to CosmoProf this weekend and taking a few days off work for that, there is just no way I can take more time off work. Especially not with as busy as I am at the moment. Funny my horoscope for August said that a business venture would make me want to pursue that venture full time and let go of my "day" job. But it said it wasn't the time to quit my income producing job. I'm not one to run my life based on a horoscope, but it is eerily similar to how things are going. I have so much to do for Cult Nails, that I really can't do my day job at night, but right now that is what it requires, so I need to manage the two - somehow. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of how busy my "day" job is going to be over the next several weeks! 

So what do I need to do for Cult Nails you ask? Well I spent a few hours yesterday working on upcoming colors. I was fine tuning one from another blogger, working on one for someone, which I just may end up sending her and working on a few I was thinking of. I may show some of those here, but I want to wait a little on those. In the mean time, here is a yellow with shimmer. You know how I am with the friggin' yellow. I keep trying to get it right. I thought maybe shimmer would help. Blech! I think I like my yellow as a straight up creme. I know many of you may disagree, but if I have the choice, I am going with the creme! Oh wait I do! OK! OK! Majority may have to win on this one! LOL! Maybe one day I will actually have a yellow polish! 

Some of you may be wondering what the heck any of this has to do with the FAQ? title. Well see that is tonight's goal. I need to work on the FAQ for the site. I didn't think a site selling nail polish needed a FAQ page, but boy was I wrong! I get asked the same questions all the time and I realize, duh - these are good questions, no wonder companies have FAQ pages! Light bulb!!! I think I have been putting it off partially because I never read it as F A Q or Frequently Asked Questions, but I read it like Faack You, it just seems so mean to me! Is it just me here? Maybe I should title it WYWTK (What You Want To Know). OK - lame, I know, let me get back on track.

So far here are some of the questions we plan on answering:
How much does shipping cost and how do you ship?
Do you ship internationally?
It's been three days? I didn't get my package yet, how long is it going to take? (you'd be surprised how often we get this question!)
I bought some nail polish yesterday and today it is on sale. Can I get the sale price?
My polish arrived broken, or damaged, will you replace it?
I bought a color and I don’t like it on me, can I return or exchange it for another color?
There is a color I have been dreaming of, can you make it for me?
I’m a blogger, do you send free product to blogs for review?

Can you think of any other questions you would like answered? If so post them here and I will try to include them for you!


  1. What about selling to salons/spas? Is it possible for you to sell wholesale at this time to pros? I'm guessing not yet but thought I'd try. :)

  2. I like that yellow. It's pretty!

  3. Robin, We are working on that right now, email me for info - but great question - I will add it!

  4. I think the yellow is gorgeous as is-- but even if it ends up as just a creme, I love it!

  5. I LOL'd at Faaack you. I've always read it that way too. I haven't found a yellow I like, but something tells me I'll like the one you finally release.
    Here's one: I really want to get _______, but it's sold out, when will you have more?

  6. I really like that yellow! Usually I'm not a fan of the color but that one looks for awesome! :D Will you ever do a(n) orange color?

  7. Oh those are great questions, I've been wondering when/if a certain shimmery turquoise will be back in stock. Yellow is a tough color! I like dusty gold-ish duochromes myself. Can't wait to see what you decide on!

  8. great q's for the faaaack's :)

    i like the yellow shimmer but i think a creme would be awesome. i have the perfect yellow shimmer already but the perfect bright sunshine yellow creme polish? has yet to be found.

  9. GREAT yellow! So shimmery and sparkly!

  10. Very pretty yellow :) A yellow holographic would be nice.

    Here is a couple of questions: Can Floridians get a discount on shipping? Can you enlarge the font for the names of the polishes?

  11. @Lacquered Lizard - That is a good one. Let's see Captivated - Never, Cruisin Nude, Any day now hopefully, Let Me Fly is in process so fingers crossed by the end of the year!

    @Envy - I so want to do an orange. When I mix I occassionally make one, but so far none have stuck. Are you looking for a particular orange?

    @royalmilktea - Let Me Fly will be back by the end of this year! Keep an eye out for it!

    @rmcandlelight - Another good question, unfortunately the shipping still costs me the same for Florida. However, I am always open for a day of shopping in Orlando and don't mind meeting up if you want to save on shipping! I need to get moving on our next FL meetup! As for the font on the polishes, We have to have the ingredients printed in a certain size, so right now that would be tough. But I am hoping CosmoProf will allow me to meet with some vendors who can make us the labels that open so that the name can be larger and the ingredients on the inside.

    You guys ask great questions! I have to work on adding some of these to the site! Thanks! I did the ones on the site and wanted Juan to edit them since I am a blunt to the point kind of person. He didn't do that, and now my FAQ's really do look like FAACK You's! No Beuno! I need to get those fixed!

  12. Oh my. I already have a great yellow shimmer but I could use another! And a yellow creme ;). I would steal that bottle from your hands through the computer if I could, I think it's beautiful!!!