Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Holly Rod Design Care 2011 Event

By now you all know that Cult Nails donated 600 bottles of My Kind of Cool Aid to HollyRod's 13th Annual Design Care Event. I was so honored to be able to include an item for the gift bags for this event and wish I could have attended the event and been a part of this amazing night for a great cause.

The HollyRod Foundation was founded in 1997 by Holly Robinson Peete and her husband Rodney Peete. The HollyRod Foundation is dedicated to providing compassionate care to those living with Autism and Parkinson's disease. The Design Care event raises money for this amazing foundation to be able to continue it's giving efforts.

As a donater to the event, we were able to attend the event. Unfortunately I had to choose between CosmoProf and the Design Care event. I so wanted to attend this event for more reasons than one. I would have loved to see my product in a gift bag and taken a ton of pictures and shared all the amazingness of the evening with all of you. But business wise as a new business CosmoProf is a must attend event. But if I attended the Design Care event I would have been able to catch up with and spend time with a friend I haven't seen in about 17 years! How cool would that have been? But again business or pleasure? Unfortunately business had to win (although I must admit, I think there will be a lot of pleasure at CosmoProf since I get to meet some of the best bloggers around while there!)

Anyway this is how you know someone is a true friend. My friend Linda (@shortyrockstar on Twitter) who I haven't seen in over 17 years, agreed to go to Design Care 2011 for me. She is a busy wife and mom of three, is in the process of buying a house and is wanting to start her own foundation to help special needs kids as one of her own kids has special needs. (Which you know when she starts he foundation we will be there to support her all the way!) Yet, she agreed to stop everything for me, a girl she hasn't seen in 17 years and recently reacquainted with thanks to the magic of FaceBook! Is that not amazing? Linda tweeted along the way, and I wanted to share her tweets with you all. If you are on Twitter, follow @shortyrockstar and let her know I sent you!

Linda tweets about receiving some polishes from me. I was hoping she received the polishes in time for the event and they arrived the day before! Talk about close!

@shortyrockstar: "My package from @CultNails soo freakn cute!! Loved the packaging...hence my other reason 2 go get my mani/pedi"

Linda chose Devious Nature for her mani/pedi color. I can't believe she took the time to get a mani/pedi before the event! 

@shortyrockstar: "My color of choice for this special weekend...*drum roll pleeze!* Devious Nature...waaaahooo!! Gorgeous!"

Ok, I'm a little distracted by the rock on her hand to pay attention to the nails! 

@shortyrockstar: "Pretty in Pink yet Devious by Nature ;) better get your "Devious Nature" from @CultNails #Fabulous"

The fashion show starts:

@shortyrockstar: "@HollyRod4kids watching @hollyrpeete & hubby Rodney getting ready to start the Design Care Fashion Show"

If I was there and had the money, this puppy would have gone home with me instead of Ozzy Osbourne! He's so lucky I don't have it like that! LOL!

@shortyrockstar: "Awwh look at Ozzy the Rescue Yorky @ @ Design Care Auction $10k takes this puppy home"

My friend Linda is on the right. Is she not gorgeous? She was able to bring her friend with her to the event who is equally as gorgeous! 

@shortyrockstar: "With my girl @ @ @ Design Care event thanks @ Amazing Nite"

So a big thank you to my girl for attending and tweeting along the way! I owe her big time! But hopefully next time I get to attend the event and see an old friend!

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  1. Yay to gorgeous friends that helps you out when in a bind.

    That yellow shade in the previous post.....don't change a thing about it! I LOVE it!