Friday, July 15, 2011

How Fast Does That Top Coat Dry?

Wicked Fast! I have been working on a top coat for a while now. Unlike my polishes I want it to be a bit thinner, but not so thin that it's watery. I want it to have some self leveling properties to help hide mistakes. I want to be able to reapply it to freshen up a manicure if I so choose without making the manicure so thick it starts to peel. I want it to be non-yellowing. And I want it to dry Wicked Fast! Several months ago I posted that I thought I had it. But turns out the one I loved was the one with Camphour in it. Boo! Everytime I tried it without the Camphour, it just didn't dry as fast. It was like it would dry in five minutes, but have an almost tacky/dry feel. It frustrated me so! I found myself continuing to use what I had left of the version with Camphour, down to the last reachable drop! I called the lab and asked if I could please have a few more bottles to continue my "testing". So the top coat will have Camphour in it. Camphour can act as an irritant to some people. Hopefully since it is a top coat, that is reduced.

I gave a bottle to my cousin and one to my friend and neighbor. Both are cleaning fiends who wash their hands like a million times a day! They don't wear gloves when they clean and they are rough on their hands. My cousin wears nail polish occassionally, but I have given my friend the polish bug. The problem is she has an 18 month old, so she almost always ruins her manicure before it even dries! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed she can't stop singing the praises of Wicked Fast!
Devious Nature with Wicked Fast Top Coat. Sorry I was testing and didn't clean up yet!

Can you see how shiny it is? Devious Nature is already shiny, but this just makes it look like it's still wet! I kid you not when I tell you this, I started by applying it on the pinky of my left hand and ended on the thumb of my right hand, and by the time I put the top coat on my thumb, the pinky was dry to the touch! AMAZING!!!

The other day I put on someone elses base coat, just to see if mine is really as good as I think, and someone else's polish. By the afternoon, I could see bubbles forming in the middle of my nails! Not polish drying bubbles, but like the polish was lifting in the middle and creating little air pockets under the polish! Grrr! Well that evening after work I had an appt for my daughter to get a pedicure for her birthday, and there was no way as the owner of Cult Nails I was going into a salon with my nails looking like that! So I literally had 15 minutes from when I got home, until we had to leave the house. I quickly removed the polish, put on my base coat, then two coats of Iconic, then topped it off with Wicked Fast and had two minutes to spare. So I went to the bathroom (cause you want to know that!) I mean I literally JUST finished applying top coat! But I figured well let's see if the top coat holds up! I was wicked careful not to bump my nails on anything, so the mani stayed in tact, but as I walked out the door, I friggin bump my pinky nail on the wall! Grrr! Guess what? It was fine! WAHOO!

One thing I did learn, and this may be weird, but I tend to test my polish dryness by licking the nail. If it's dry, my tongue will just run over the nail. If it's not, GROSS - that stuff tastes nasty! Probably not the best thing to do, but it is what I do. Well you can't do that with Wicked Fast. It seems to slow the drying time down. Isn't that the strangest thing?

Anyway, I am so excited about this stuff! We are hoping that we will be able to release this to the general public in October!!! I am trying to figure out the right price point for it. Putting it at $10 like the rest of my line makes sense, but it costs me more to make the top coat than the polish. BUT you go through top coat faster than polish and I for one do not want to pay $10 for top coat every month! OK when I say it like that, it kind of sounds dumb, $10 a month isn't too bad. LOL! But seriously, you know what I mean. There was a top coat once upon a time that I loved and it was only sold online and it was $8 and everytime I needed some, I would order 2 bottles and a polish or two just to make it worth it. Hmmm, how smart is that? But all their polish was $8 so the top coat just fell in line. But I am thinking, if I can financially do this, what if I did the top coat for $7? But then with shipping it would still be $10! That still kind of sucks when I can pick one up at Sally's almost as good for $7. But $7 is the cheapest I could go and still make money. And am I crazy for thinking that people think like me? I know I would be more likely to buy it for $7 than for $10 and since I would use it more often, I want it to be somewhat of an affordable luxury.  But the flip side is it does cost more to make and some brands pass that cost along and increase the price of their nail treatments and top coats. But I hate that! It really frustrates me, so I am definitely not doing that! So I think as of right now, I am leaning towards the $7 for a bottle for the Wicked Fast. What do you guys think? Are you like me?


  1. Sounds great, and I can't wait to buy a bottle! $7 is good for me - since I'd have to pay shipping as well I might not be able to use it all the time until I hopefully get one of the on-campus jobs I applied for, but it would be affordable enough that I could still use it, say, every other manicure. :)

  2. You are awesome for wanting to no only create the perfect formula for a top coat, but also lowering the price. I love how you are exactly like us and know what is best for your customer, because you are a customer :) looking forward to the top coat and upcoming line :)

  3. Here's my humble opinion as a marketing executive and polish fanatic. If I were you I would definitely make the top coat 10 USD (first since it costs more to make it and second, a good top coat is harder to find than polish, so I'd definitely pay as much, you can have 50 polishes but you have only one favorite top coat). But as you say since people need top coat more often than they buy polish, I'd give free shipping with a purchase of top-coat, no matter if one buys polish or not. This will encourage people to buy more from Cult Nails, especially me.

  4. OMG! I totally lick my nails to see if they are dry!

  5. What if the top coat were normally $10, but a bit cheaper when you buy a certain amount of polish with it? Or ozlem's idea is a good one, too!

    Also, I lick my nails to see if they're dry too sometimes!

  6. I love ozlem's idea, I cant seem to find a really great FAST DRYING top coat so I would definitely try yours out!

  7. I would pay $10 for a top coat that works! It's so cool of you to think up ways to help your customers financially. What if you did some promos/special pricing on the top coat? Something like, buy 2 pay half s&h on the second bottle? Buy 2 get one free? Maybe the 2/1 free for a limited time when you introduce it. Something along those lines. I know that I buy top coat frequently and a special offer would be very attractive to me!


    The fall collection looks amazing!

  8. sounds WICKED ;) and i totally lick my nails too. we're so weird i love it.

  9. I just stumbled upon your site but dear goodness i want to buy a top coat from you NOW! All the ideas sound great.